Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Blue bin Tuesdee

Wonka here.  Straight away we are reporting on Owner's dream.  The end bit well it is always the end bit if you ask me.  Possibly in the space between one alarm and the next snooze alarm.  does this affect the quality of Owner's dreams you ask?  zzzzzzzzzzzz sorry!  must have dropped off whilst thinking of the answer, Owner thinks it is tricky to pin it down and even has come up with a new theory.  IT IS A GAP BETWEEN BEING ASLEEP AND BEING AWAKE into which our best ideas and future actions can creep in. OOHER I said back.  After that build up it turns out she saw a Blackbird in her dream and she was parking up to sort out this house.  There were workmen there working (I know) and the house looked half finished.  I love Blackbirds she said to me, and I have to admit I rather like them too......

Fresh overflowing bin para.  I can report now that Owner was up at earlybird O' Clock ready to dash off to the first job and once completed onto the second job.  When she trudged back in like a robot a few hours later she had this to say:  I FORGOT IT WAS BLUE BIN DAY.  it seems that this floated into her brain early in the morning and stayed there. Just like things do when there is nothing, no no nothing you can do about them.  It has cause a little anxiety and worriment mainly as it is crammed to the gunnels.  Owner is blaming this on me and the others, plus Grandson.  To be fair, Owner does have her own plastic and cardboard to go in the blue bin it isn't just my pouch boxes, tins of catfood, empty cat litter bags, trays, tins and biscuit boxes...........to show you what we are on about, owner has provided a good cartoon of the said Blue Bin.  I think this is a good idea to make it famous and a 2 weekly reminder of the importance of putting a blue bin out.
And there it is nestling up to the green bin and next to beloved Baba's kennel.  For those of you good folks unaware as to Baba, he was a bedraggled scraggy even stray black cat that lived with me and golly cat until he had to go to the sanctuary in the sky (where Golly was waiting).  he loved that kennel he did.   Over to the right is just the end of Rugglesis stump of a tail as he goes to the luxury shed and down at the bottom is Tinkers' head poking up.  she is always watching and waiting.  for food mostly.  What is that between the blue bin which is all important and the kennel you say?  That is a plant pot, a broom and a empty compost bag with dead stuff in it.  We love it.
Final wish we had put the bin out para.  Now Owner has been fixated (like it) on the bin for most of the day and has even talked it over with colleagues at the second job which hovers between being lovely and not so.  Can we stop now I said, as you are making me and the others feel guilty as we have the most recycling things, but she didn't hear me above crushing up a cardboard box and cramming it in the bin prior to going in the already full and crammed to the gunnels blue bin.  Anxiety stop here as I like to say!  Now tonight we have a good line up of tv and I am glossing over Enders as it has been a miserable time now David is gone and Carol's scarf is still moaning on and trying to justify this quite frankly foolish act (of telling David to go away).  Even Beeanka who gets on our nerves mostly has dared to challenge her mother on it.  Thankfully her mother did not say ' I CANNOT COPE WITH THIS RIGHT NOW or Owner would have not coped either.  Over in Corrie all was tears and double dealings as Teenah expired despite a load of good doctors doing press ups on her top and Reetah is beside herself and being comforted by that no good Dennis.  There is Holby city and if we can stand it that love triangle thing where you question why so and so would like the other so and so and how come they have two suitors (one of them a husband) but once we have got through this, there is Happy Valley.   It is the last one and we are expecting more edge of the giant nest aka settee tonight.  Will good prevail?we shall see and I fully expect more shouting at the telly.  We love it.   and just for those two or three tennis fans out there Owner is vaguely following.  she does not like the shouty grunty matches but it is good Novak who we love the most.  Murray mint is through to another round too.  It is all to play for.  Now do go steady out there in the Wold wherever you are in it.  big love Wonka x