Sunday, 15 June 2014

Father's Day Sundee

Wonka here.  You guessed it, OR you know it.  Owner managed to stay up til midnight and has this to report on our #postagestamp commentary.  Beeb One is her preferred channel and she is defending Mr Phil Neville who some were describing as POOR when he was chatting us through the match.  Not so goes Owner, he did not baffle me with strange footie talk.  Or me for that matter good folks out there possibly tuning in to this match too....ENG v ITA and we now know the result, and I look at it this way.  WE SCORED A GOAL for goodness sake and there is this to consider....we did not lose like Spain did the other night.  Owner also wants to mention Mr Thierry's impeccable (ooer) taste in get up.  Well that and his voice.  Do you like him Owner I ventured...RATHER she goes back.  So it is good Beeb one all the way with Mr Larky Lineker.  We are mildly watching SWI v ECU and note that they all look so happy!! and ECU were one goal up.  even more reason to look chirpy.  We may tune in for good FR v HON.  A chappie called Wilson is their star player and he may like a little earring.    France used to have that nice head butting player (Owner only remembers the darker facts) and now they have Karim.  Are you making a prediction Owner I says, and she comes up with this:  It will be predictable, quote unquote.  and just to finish up SWI have just bashed a goal in!!! We love it (COME ON ENGLAND!! You can do it...........)

Fresh down to earth para.  Yes it is Father's Day here and we can celebrate this even though Owner's Dad is in wood carving heaven.   This was his passion, and we have showed you them from time to time as most of them are nestling here.  here in the living room, in the dining room and the bedrooms they are everywhere!  This one is of a little wooden cat about 6 inches high oh alright 20mm then.  And called Tinkerbelle:
Here she is!! As you can see Owner uses it to hang bracelets and such round her neck too.  Wherever she is her little eyes follow.  Thy are made from the ebony of the old piano keys says Owner.  Happy days.  Owner reminds you all out there too, that we do have this as a postcard along with others and they can all be found at ...the shop's name?  wonkaandmousey of course.  We love it.
Fresh more Father's day para.   What of today you all wonder?  a very sleepy doing nothing much day spent here.  Oh yes, that was me!!  Owner has busied herself uploading the latest Wonka story ('Just Wonka' on and doing a few odd jobs.  Bertie asked to go out this morning and spent at least 5 minutes out in the wild.  When he came back in, Owner says he suddenly started to play a game with a cork followed up with my new blue red and white mousey. (Photoshoot to follow) OH I said.  No I am not jealous not a bit of it, as long as he doesn't take on my fave toy.  Now why he chose the cork out of the wide selection of tinkly balls, catnip animals such as elephants and lions, giraffes and mice.  Who can say?  perhaps all these good folk making toys for us cats need to rethink it.  Rug has ambled in for breakfast and is due for his tea, and Tinkers peeked in the window.  SHE CAN ONLY HAVE BISCUITS instructed Owner.  Her inner working you know.  I love it.
Final good Father's Day para.  ~As you might expect there is only good footie on tonight so we will tune in to Mr Thierry's latest cardi and report back tmro.  Last night we did get through Casualtee and note that the back stabbin Connie just needs a witches hat to go with her dark deeds and good Zoe needs some protection!  Will Charley come out of his counselling dream to save her?  maybe.  Now we have another week ahead and who knows what will happen in it.  Owner has only one job to totter off to at the minute and that is enough.   There are social outings lined up and the wardrobe question is still out.  YOU LOOK LOVELY whatever you wear I said to Owner...IS IT TEATIME she goes back??  Now do go steady out there in the Wold folks wherever you are in it.  Big Love Wonka x