Friday, 27 June 2014

Footie free Fridee

Wonka here.  Yes it's true.  There is NO FOOTIE today just some highlight things and the usual talking about who went through who didn't and thingy's biting ban.  Owner says it is Luis Suirez or near enough. (give a tooth or two!).  some say it is a FAIR ban, and others say NOT.  the ones saying not tend to be from Uruguay said Owner.  As you know I remain impartial (just look at me!) because I am prone to biting (and scratching.  mostly Owner) and have never been banned from anything except the kitchen when Ruggles is in it.  I love it.

Fresh footloose and fancy free para.  We will try not to mention footie again.  Now today is an important day for Owner as the good shoe shop has been in touch.  YES.  to say the shoes which she spent an hour or more of her life deciding on are IN STORE.  Will she like them?  Will they fit?  it is all to play for and remember, Owner spied another pair of shoes that she liked but daren't tell the assistant who was back and forth speaking into a little radio thing to UPSTAIRS.  We think there may be shoe elves upstairs trotting around with pairs of shoes and sandals saying things like: would she be better off with a size 5?  and I prefer these in the tan don't you??  I will keep you posted on this and there may even be a photoshoot.  We love it.

More footie free news Para.  Even now Owner is patiently (yes really) waiting for the REPAIR MAN.  She had a nice text on wednesdee and then yesterdee proclaiming the news that they will be with Owner between 9 05 and 13 05. on Fridee.  And we have checked it is Fridee and it is between that time and Owner says NOTHING HAS HAPPENED YET.  In the meantime. we have a good photoshoot of Bertie for you.  he is still popping out possibly 2 to 3 metres away from the yard in a blind spot and counting out the time to 5 or 6 mins when he can safely cling to the good back door saying PLEASE LET ME IN, as I live here now.  The good cartoon shows him doing what he loves best nestling in the wardrobe.
There he is amongst dare I say it, loads of shoe boxes.  I did mention to Owner that she has lots of shoes and boots and when will she ever wear them again and could she give some away, but she is keeping them all IN CASE. Likewise good folks out there clinging onto your out of date wardrobe and clothes you cannot get back it time for a clearout???  Owner says everything comes back into fashion eventually.  Even that top I said from under the bed.....She loves it.
Final footie free para.  Update update:  Ah yes the repair man cometh.  Me?  thanks for asking, well as soon as the knock on the door came I sped upstairs as we never know if it is the Vikings, monsters from Mars or perhaps Godzilla out there.  Bertie remained in Narnia cupboard ready to be beamed up at any time....  IS IT FIXED you all shout up!  it's an oven in need of (list) 1.  a new thermostat and 2. a new thingy, that heats the grill thingy.  It's now just a simple matter goes Owner, of arranging another time to be in.  OH I goes back once I had come out of hiding and inspected the kitchen for any hidden monsters and that.  I love it.
Final still a bit of tennis on para.  yes we had to just watch beloved Novak who was playing a French chappie called Gilles Simon.  I DO LIKE THAT NAME goes Owner.  and you pronounce it Cimmon (like Tim said Owner) (I said Simon is nothing like Tim...).  Novak has survived a fall on court!  he did look a bit shaky and Owner was concerned but after a short medical break He GOT BACK TO IT.  Our tennis knowledge has grown hugely (like this word) and we now understand tie breaks, set breaks, swapping sides and challenges.  We love it.  Tonight Owner is going to make every effort to watch Corrie now it has stepped up with a fresh and intriguing storyline for our gingertop Gary.  Instead of bashing Felan filanguering nasty builder's head in he is having an affair instead!!  MAKE LOVE NOT WAR says Owner!!  And then there is Gail and her prison burglar and penfriend....  in Enders we are not sure what is happening....bring back Carol's scarf and Masood, and Janine and David! Instead we have to follow the fortunes of Mick and his family who are changing who they are to who in record timing.  in a minute, Mick's wife will turn out to be his cousin twice removed and Shirlee will grow another lost sibling or child even OR a pet (that is my suggestion!!). and they will hate her.  Who loves you Shirlee!!  we do.  Now it has been a nice relaxing day and Owner has followed the good repairman's instructions re the cooker.  It is full on and blasting out the heat.  talking of heat Owner has caved in.  again.  YES the heating is on.  I rest my paws and everything.  Now do go steady out there in the Wold wherever you are in it.  big love Wonka x