Friday, 20 June 2014

Fresh start Fridee

Wonka here.  Of course we are watching ITALY V COSTA RICA!!!!   Owner says we must ease off gradually from this world cup fest but I rather like it now.....of course there is Wimbledon to look forward to and Murray mint.  Owner's hero is Novak and next best Rafa.  Now last night was a disaster as the whole Wold must know.  They are all on about defending this, and Suarez that and whether Rooney the other.  Basically WE LOST.  Owner did shout at the telly and this still didn't make the score any different.  The fact that the goal scorer was not on top form was the final nail in  the coffin.  Is there a bright side you all ask??  Here it is.  1.  Owner can name three or four of the English team now.   2.  She has an opinion on the match (but not now Owner!) 3.  she was able to discuss the game with other workmates (now they are workmates??)  We love it.

Fresh start again para.  Why are we starting again, because that's what we do we go WOE and OH NO and then we dust ourselves down and get on with it.  For Owner this means a fretful night of being too hot and waking up a million times before the alarm goes off saying has the alarm gone off yet.  Then it does and then we all fall properly asleep.  You will all want to know about the conked out grill and for some odd universal reason it was working this good morn.  Owner rushed off to have her hair done before rushing back and rushing out again to fit in a couple of hours work to save us from starving.  Then she dashed to the garden centre for some pots.  POTS? I queried (like it) YES Wonka we need to repot some plants.  so when she stumbled back in hours later with a full grown rose bush, about ten pots, two bags of earth (yes they sell this just like they sell water) and two packets of seeds I did wonder where the garden fete was.......Rose bush I said to Owner?  IT SMELLS DIVINE Wonka she goes, so I HAD TO BUY IT.  naturally this will change all our lives for the better and everytime Owner trudges to the luxury shed a whiff of this rose scent will waft by and cheer her on.  I love it.  Here it is for today's good photoshoot:
It is called Special Occasion so I said to Owner are we having one?  She said WE ARE NOW... it smells just like those roses you used to smell as a child,  and put your nose right into the bloom.  there is nothing as wonderful as that scent.  We love it.
Fresh scented start again para.   So it has been a repotting frenzy here, the minute I tried to have a snoozle or chase Bertie did Owner lift up another plant to repot it.  Yes even my fave wotsit plant is now resting up in a bigger pot. I do hope they survive the trauma of being tipped out of their snug security old pots into their new giant pots full of new bulb fibre. No, there was no warning about this Owner just took it into her head to go to B n Q straight from work.  I did say to Owner that she cannot seem to steer clear of the shops (and thereby save money) but she didn't hear me above dashing out back to water in the seedlings.  If they come up, they will be poppies and nightscented stock.  OH I said.  Flower power.  We love it.
Final scented nightime para.  Tonight we will have to watch Enders if only to see if Shazzer came out of the theatre with any new storylines or should we say better storylines!!  and where is her chimney sweep son in all of this?  Fil has been busy with Shirlee and surely there can't be any more secrets.....celebrity masterchef has started and in between watching England sink like a stone we did see some cooking, and the name Marcus Waring was mentioned too!  He is the one all are scared of and Owner says he is steely eyed.  Do we like him?  NO.  We love him.  So there we are good folks out there all enjoying your Fridee nights and maybe like us, you wish your side was doing better.  it is in the lap of the gods said Owner, what will happen next.
Extra extra!!  Costa Rica have just scored a goal!!  it really is the end for us now...... but well done CRC!!
Do go steady out there in the Wold wherever you are in it good folks.  big Love Wonka xx