Friday, 13 June 2014

Full Moon Fridee

Wonka here.  Does Owner get up in the middle of the nigh hi hight again and guess what?  no that is not it.  She reports how light it was outside.  Have you forgotten Owner I mumbled we are coming up to the longest day?  I HAD FORGOTTEN she mumbled back before falling back to sleep and not wanting to get up at the crack of well early morning!  Not only is it Fridee but it is a Full Moon fridee and it is the 13th.  What can possibly disturb our already upside down lives said Owner.....oh yes and the planet of communications Mercury is still travelling backwards in the heavens.   Don't tell me anymore she says.  I love it.

Fresh and full moon para.  Lots of things missed the target today.  First up, does Owner get to one job to find it has changed and may affect second job.   Everyone is impatient and NOT SMILING.  so I did smile says Owner, even while all were serious.  I hope I ventured, you did not look like the village idiot, and I admit from behind the door and whilst she was unpacking two tons of shopping.  Then she goes, I got to the second job that is not quite making it happen and I had missed the meeting.  it turns out that it didn't matter because what Owner thought they were meeting about (and all the other staff thought) was not on the agenda.  Instead it was all serious.  Has it been a serious day I whispered up trying to hide the second card through the door that said WE TRIED TO DELIVER YOUR PARCEL..... yes it happened just like Owner predicted.  The person who is posting these cards through the door wrote SAT on it.  And to give Owner her due she is staying fairly calm about it.  So far.  Me?  thanks for asking, a pleasant day resting up, keeping an eye on Bertie (upstairs in the cupboard) and playing with my toys first thing.  Also, we had a SEAGULL alert.  this cheeky seagull lands on the fence and looked in at me for ages.  Then blow me down does Tinkers appear out of nowhere and look in at me!  we were face to face through the good double glazing!  So this good folks out there is our photoshoot for today, with a cartoon from Owner:

There it is!!  I said to Owner that looks more like a pigeon but she said not with an orange beak it doesn't.  it sat on the fence and I chattered to it for ages and then up jumps Tinkers.  to the left hand side is just a tiny bit of a wooden cat also called Tinkerbelle that Owner's Dad carved and we love it. 
Fresh moony para.  This good folks out there wondering where it was, is our World Cup postage stamp fact of the day.  We cannot say much because I am sitting on the planner and will not move.  However, Owner has come up with this much.  We have found a player that has a good nickname and it is 'The Weasel' he plays for Costa Rica too and is their 'star' player..   Can they win it?  Can we??  Far be it for Owner to make an early prediction but she thinks it will be a surprise.  OH I said back.  now last night Good Neymar (well remembered) scored some goals for Brazil and Croatia did struggle.  Today there are three matches and Spain is one of them.  Owner has just read this in her free paper:  unbeknown to her until now, England will play Costa Rica (the Weasel side!!), Italy (tmro) and Uruguay.   More tomorrow folks...........(I will have moved off the planner by then)..
Final full moon Para.  last night beyond tuning in to the World Cup opening ceremony which all have made fun of, as it was more like a village fete opening, we did catch a bit of Enders which seemed to drift from Max the only man in the square capable of attracting females said Owner of any profession, and why she goes as he is not alluring and bring back Dave - anyway drifting from him to roxy and foxy and their love lives until I'm sure if Owner had not been tired she would have shouted up.  Lucky for us Masterchef turns up but good Russell has been LET GO and it's down to Sophie our other fave to save it.  Tonight we have a double Corrie to save Owner's nightly entertainment fest. Michelle who has been despatched by Team Tracy has a mother turned up who we never knew before and surely there is a funeral to take place with all weeping and such.  And what of Owen and Anna?  Can Roy save their sorry partnership.  We love it.   This and the footie good folks out there might stop a giant anxiety trip about the shoes that are now being delivered tmro WHEN THERE IS A CHANCE I WILL BE IN she goes.  Now Ruggles is due for a chomp and come to think of it I have stepped up my appetite too.  The weekend is here, so do go steady good folks out there in the Wold wherever you are in it.  big Love Wonka x