Saturday, 14 June 2014

Game on Satdee

Wonka here.  At last it is the day when good England trots onto the pitch and does their stuff v Italy.  any predictions from Camp Wonka you all shout up?  After all many a pet here and there is stabbing their good paws at a team and making canine or feline predictions.  Owner says you should use your intuition.  OH I goes back.  So, goes Owner, instead of running full pelt into the kitchen to sniff Ruggles you should have asked him first. Any case it was alright as Rug just hissed at me and I ran away.  I did point out to Owner that she goes at things full pelt and confrontation is her middle name, but she didn't hear me above following the latest footie match which is COL v GRE and COL are winning. 2 - 0.  So good folks out there listening and wanting me to say, here it is.  The team that throws everything at it and goes FULL PELT will win it!!  and of course we hope that is England (sorry Italy - Owner still wants to go to Rome - three coins in a fountain and all that.)  We love it.

Fresh game on para.  alright we have to just mention HOLLAND V SPAIN (sorry Spain) as Owner thought she might watch a bit of it and cheer on Holland who all thought were the underdog.  NOT SO!!  when Owner flicks over from good ITV and Corrie have they scored 5 goals and maybe a sixth one too!  AMAZING she goes.  I am proud of Owner, and me too as our #postagestamp knowledge must improve surely??  We will never underestimate Holland again.  We love them.

New game on para.  today has swept by with Owner on a cleaning jag and yes, that meant the monster was rolling round all the downstairs and me and Bertie had to run away fast.  Also, Bertie has been brushed and he loved it.  you could have made a jumper from the fur but who would knit it?  not Owner she is no good with knitting.  Thankfully, she finally went out on her rounds and to get much needed supplies so we could rest up.   And when she fell back in with the cement aka cat litter and more food  she reported that 1.  the new electrical item has been sorted out with aged sibling and 2.  Aged parent had been read to and seemed to like it.  Was it a soothing story I enquired (get me!).  NO said Owner, it is about the state of our NHS by a 90 year old called Harry.  Now for our good photoshoot today it is of course World Cup all the way and Owner's cartoon is all about it:
There we are shouting at the telly GOAL!! (times 5!!) me and Bertie are resting up with me on the giant nest aka settee and Bertie down the side of it.  I love it.
Final game on para.  Tonight is an exciting night if Owner can possibly stay up til 10 20 when good Mr Linneker will start to talk it all up on Beeb 1.  Until then we have beloved Dale in inittowinit, and then good Casualtee.  The wolves are out for Zoe Doctor in the shape of Connie who is a Siren (says Owner) and out for all.  Good Charlie Farley nursey is always on hand though to get to the heart of the matter when all others take years of counselling and therapy, in seconds.   Now important announcement from Owner:  JUST WONKA, her new short story, is to be published on tomorrow.  Yes.  it is all about us and our adventures and you will love it.  Watch this space........
So, Rug has been for his tea  and it wasn't me!!!  I have promised Owner not to rush at him again, at least for today.  Tinkers may have flitted over as the dish in the luxury shed is clean and no we have not seen Mr Beau.  Owner hopes this is because his real keeper is doing their job.  We love you Mr Beau beau.  Now do go steady out there in the Wold wherever you are in it and whoever you are supporting.  Big Love Wonka x