Thursday, 26 June 2014

Go Rafa Thursdee

Wonka here.  Sunshine all the way it is here good folks out there possibly enjoying the same.  This has set Owner's mood to GOOD and SUNNY.  What else to report you say?  dreams? Owner says for a change was not (list) 1.  having a row with someone 2.  in a school 3.  moving house 4. climbing an impossible hill/stairway/construction like in the Poseidon adventure with Gene Hackman saving the Wold...  We love it.

Fresh full of Rafa news para. yes, has he done it again, and got through his match v Rosol or somesuch lad from the Czech republic (Owner looked it up on the map and said ooh that looks small and I said compared to??) but Rafa our numero uno wiped his brow and got on with it.  We love him nearly as much as Novak.  And as you know I am rooting for Murray mint.  Just like his Mum Judy.  We love her.  have you been doing anything else except being glued to the sport you all chirp up and say?  Well Owner is now slowly coming round to this taking a break thing and has been down to the sea.  We have some lovely snaps to show you and this is her fave:
Here we are with a nice seagull in the shot specially for me said Owner, and I love it.
Fresh Rafa driven para.  They don't get to the number one spot for nothing and once again Owner is inspired by these sports people.  He just found SOME MORE she said.  I know what she means as often when I think ooh how I would like a little snooze or resting up instead I have to go and check on Bertie, or give a little hiss at Ruggles, never mind playing with a toy or two to amuse Owner.  But, these are the things we have to do good folks out there all finding more strength for the end of this week.  Come to think of it, I am feeling a tad peckish.............I love it.
Final go Rafa para.  Now last night we fitted in some Corrie amongst all the other sport.  Was there any sport in it you all want to know?  Well we can count Kylie sending in her funny not letter to Michael the bungled burglar sitting in prison and the letter more or less says that Gail and him are soulmates waiting to happen... elsewhere, Nice Nick is not taking nicely to his Lianne now snuggling up with Kal (or Cal??).  Even though team Tracy has GUILTY written all over Rob's face no one has arrested him as yet.  Owner's says there have been convictions on even more slender evidence.  OH I says back.  Tonight we have YES MORE FOOTIE and we are on with good US of A v Germany.  no one is scoring and it is heavy rain. The biting football player had been banned for a short spell which most are talking up as fair.  I cannot say anything as I have been known to bite (by accident) and told off accordingly.  THAT WAS HORRID Wonka I believe Owner said to me.  Scratching is more my thing and Owner says no football player has been banned for that as yet.   Now if we can manage it there is good Holby City appearing tonight instead of Tuesdee to confuse us and then celebrity masterchef with a whole new batch of them.  We might know some of them or not.  We love it.  Now do go steady out there in the Wold good folks wherever you are in it.  Big Love Wonka x