Monday, 23 June 2014

Had Enough Mundee

Wonka here.  Yes it was another of those nights.  Yes I have scrapped with Bertie.  yes we have all had enough today.   it started off cool went red hot and I mean how are we to know what to wear good folks out there?  Owner trudged off in enough clothing to keep anyone WARM AND SNUG.  The alarm was too loud, the music on good radio 2 was not to owner's liking...I HATE THAT ONE she goes, and it is all doom and gloom.  Me?  thanks for asking, had my breakfast and watched Ruggles eat his from afar, alright I did creep up to sniff him once but Owner saw me and chased me out of the kitchen.  yes I did have something to say but when Owner is on had enough setting, it is best to say it in a whisper from a distance.  I love it.

Fresh had more than enough para.  So when Owner comes back light years later without any new clothes (to take back tmro) I mistakenly though she had avoided spending our hard earned cash.  NOT SO.  after a long period of deliberation (quote) says Owner, I chose a pair of shoes that have to be ordered in.  Just how long was this period I dared to ask?......HALF AN HOUR she said.  My heart and everything goes out to the poor shop assistant as picture this.  First off, Owner wanted these shoes in size 4 no FOUR AND A HALF...then while that is happening does Owner spy another better shoe and tries this on and wants this in size.......FIVE oh and FOUR AND A HALF.  While this is happening Owner tries on another shoe which is nothing like the shoe she thought she wanted.  yes I am still awake but are you listening out there in the wold good folks!!!  At the very last minute Owner changed from patent to plain leather and assures me that the assistant did not go mad.  I pray she likes them when they get to the shop.  I DON'T HAVE TO BUY THEM I can change my mind she said.  Goodness!  I think this option has been invented purely for OWNER but dare not say in case my teatime is delayed.  We love it.

More than enough para.  this is what really finished Owner offski.  Back she comes from the job that could be perfect with a few thousand minor adjustments.  WHY CAN'T PEOPLE WORK TOGETHER she drones on and I said Owner if that happened the whole world would be as one (is there a song there somewhere??) ...all you good folk out there in the Wold must be up against the same lack of team spirit BUT and I say this in despair at Owner BUT without throwing the towel in.  I don't need this malarkey goes Owner....who we all know is never given to bouts of rudeness or go it alone syndrome.  hmmm.  Despite this we are hoping for a peaceful night.  For our photoshoot, Owner has come up with a blue sky........
We think that is a bird against the sky and not a smudge... who can say!!  we love it.  Mr Blue Sky.
Today is more than enough para.  Yes Wimbledon has begun again.  And Novak and Murray mint are doing Ok.  No one has been knocked out in the first round.  Owner loves Novak who is 2 sets up to Golubev...he is a father to be and that is just as exciting said Owner.  The bit we saw of Murray mint had him smiling which took us aback rather as we know this is not normal.  I love him and I don't think he is expecting anything.  FOOTIE you all shout up?  We think the US of A is still in with a shout and Thurs is their final debut to go through.  We are looking at Hol v Chi which is nil nil. Other hot news is that Algeria scored against Korea and this is amazing.  I SAID IT WOULD BE  A SURPRISE goes Owner.  yes a bit like you and your job I said from upstairs and well under the bed.... now tonight to keep Owner in fairly decent spirits is a double dose of Enders and Corrie.  Enders it seems is still clinging onto the Shazzer v Shirlee storyline and I mean who in their right mind would fight for FIL's affections...but this begs the question.  In Corrie we think Teenah is having a funeral which can only mean a big fight over the open grave.  If we are still awake and caring after all of that we might watch some more footie as it does seem to calm owner down a the meantime, Bertie went out for his usual 2 - 3 minutes before throwing himself back in the good back door and is now in the cupboard.  Rug is due for his evening chomp and come to think of it I feel a mite peckish.  do go steady out there in the wold good folks wherever you are in it.  Big Love Wonka x