Sunday, 22 June 2014

Magic Moments Sundee

Wonka here.  did we sleep in or did we sleep in YES we slumbered on and on. 
This was due to Owner being woken up in the night by me and Bertie.  alright it was just Bertie as I do a silent growl working up slowly to a full on scrap whilst Bertie starts his growling in advance.  in any case IT WAS NOT ME... the upshot to this was Owner dreamt more than usual about all sorts of things including giant tortoises. mobile phones, classrooms ( I said this is not unusual Owner) and more car journeys.  Sometimes the cars are cars and other times not.  And when you sleep in goes Owner IT PUTS EVERYTHING OUT.  We love it.

Magic moment para.  so what you all pipe up and say is this magic moment??  It so happened that Owner suddenly got a move on to go swimming.  BLIMEY she said is that the time and got ready including hair wash and cleaning our luxury trays in record time.  Off she sped to the good swimming baths to find that there was a swimming gala instead.  I COULD NOT SWIM IN THERE she told me later, so she decides to go to the other happy place to swim.  When I asked if it was general swimming the man said IT IS CLOSED FOR A PRIVATE PARTY.  so how come you all patiently say there was a magic moment??  this happy place is called that because when Owner was a child she came here with the family for her first holiday by the sea.  It was a holiday camp in Filey and had its own little beach.  We had to get on a little train and go down there every day goes Owner, and I lost my bucket and spade off it.  Woe, I said to this.  And I got lost all the time too.  So when the swimming pool was shut Owner walked down by the sea possibly to the same beach that all those years ago (Owner said I must not repeat how many if I want my teatime.  So I agreed) she played on as a child.  Was it busy? I ventured (get me).  NO she said back.  But I wished I had a dog to go down there with me.  You can imagine good folks out there how this made me feel as I am not a dog and never will be.  BUT I'VE GOT YOU Wonka she said and made me feel alright again.  I love it.

Next magic para.  For our photoshoot today we have a good cartoon of Owner swimming at the baths that is sometimes open for all:
This is at the first Baths that Owner tried to swim in, and where is she you all shout up?  Over on the left hand side folks!! coming towards the side and just to her right is a SERIOUS SWIMMER and up above some children mucking about.  At the second baths, there is a special lane cordoned off called a FAST LANE.  There is room in it for one swimmer said Owner and that is me.  Are you rude to other swimmers who try and get in it I said.  A BIT she goes back.  I love it.
Final magic moment para.  but the day was saved by the walk down by the sea bringing back memories of family holidays and when life was pretty simple.  (we used to call Baba simple but he didn't mind!).  Now when Owner returned all dreamy from her walk she did bring shopping and more supplies.  She had been to the maze like supermarket and been alright in it.  No monsters followed her and she found some food.  for us.  Now we haven't mentioned footie as yet but here we go....all the England team one by one are having their say.  Like, how sad they are, how disappointed they are and how gutted they are.  And for the nth time how their Manager will not resign.  Owner said whenever it is reported that so and so will not resign the next thing you hear is that they have resigned.  OH I said.  We have got a footie match on and it is Russia v Belgium and nothing but nothing is happening.  they have a player on the Russian side called Shatov said Owner.  and a Manager called Capello (she thinks) I mean those are winning sort of names if you ask me.  We would watch the USA v Portugal but why is it on so late??  Last snippet on Russian team their goalie is called Igor.  We love him.  Now tonight thankfully Casualtee is back on and we can shout up for Zoe Doctor or whatever she is doing and BOO to the backstabbing Connie and her Dark Lord who is also in Holbee City.  Goodness knows what this coming week will bring and let us hope we have the strength for it.  I did say to Owner she is only watching the Russia v Belgium so she can listen to Mr Thierry talk it through.  And check out what he is wearing but she didn't hear me above looking in the poor oven to see if it is still working.  Please be working Oven!  Do go steady out there in the Wold good folks wherever you are in it and have a wonderful magic moment week! big Love Wonka x PS Mr Thierry is a picture in a dark red sport shirt top thing Owner says burgundy and light jeans.  x