Monday, 16 June 2014

More Mundee

Wonka here.  Straight off you want some footie news.  and me and Owner slept quite well thankyou, with Owner having dreams about schools and exams which I remarked (new one for me) was not a surprise.  I CAN DO WITHOUT IT she goes.  Owner is looking for a change and I said that is alright with me especially if you get more £s and more time at home to see to us lot.  Well me anyway.  Sorry Bertie.  Also just to let you know despite it being June it has gone freezing and short of throwing myself at the boiler and hiding the switch from summer to winter, I may not be able to stop Owner from popping the heating back on.  I do try.  I love it.

Less is more para.  Who said less is more, I ask you??  Now onto the footie!!  Last night Owner got quite into it and especially that Karim Benzema chappie who plays for France, he was here there and everywhere finding time to score goals whilst he was at it.  So good France did win, and then all we heard about was Messi, Messi and MORE Messi!!  His other name you all want to know is Lionel (like it) and he is Argentina's star player.  Well he is even MORE of a star now!  Today we are ready and waiting for Germany v Portugal and there are so many players to talk about we have to keep it steady.  There is only one for Owner and it is Cristiano Ronaldo who quite rightly is keen to look as good as he plays.  Owner reports he has little earrings in plus, wait for it, a backpack that is possibly no probably designer.  We love him lots already.  Oh and he is batting for Portugal!! There is also someone called Pepe who is MORE of a bad boy so we love him too.  Germany have got 'Rolls-Reus' that is his nickname and he is really Marco Reus.  Who will win out??  Owner says one of them will GET LUCKY.  Oh I said.  And here is our good cartoon for today, it is from yesterdee's game with FRA v HON:
One of the goals took its time to BE A GOAL with all going is it or isn't it!!  very exciting.  We love it.  They are still gong on about it said Owner on good ITV.  as you know we support good BBC and are still backing #philneville to commentate despite people saying he sent them to sleep.  THAT'S MY KIND OF COMMENTARY goes Owner.  #postagestamp !!
More is more para.  What else happened today you all pipe up and say?  The sun has not got its hat on, and me and Bertie have snugged on down just popping our heads up to ask for MORE food.  Owner fell back in the door with fresh supplies, and some new biscuits which are SENSITIVE it goes on the packet and she has high hopes for Bertie's inner workings.  They may do the trick she said.  She had managed to take back not one but two items and get the money back.  Without any trouble.  This is lucky and can we continue on the lucky trend please.... I don't need sensitive biscuits but had some anyway in case I get jealous.  Me?  Jealous?  I love it.
Final Morish para.  tonight beyond all this footie we can still hold onto Enders and Corrie.  Enders looks mildly interesting from these little clips they show us and Owner may watch it just to see what it is talking up.  There is Shazzer and Phil and dearie me that wasp tongued Shirlee saying how she does luv Fil.  Luckily over on Corrie, there is MORE of a storyline and Owner will be glued.  Carling black eyebrows has been nasty to a buyer and not just any buyer but a buyer in a wheelchair.   This should not make any difference I said to Owner, if she has been nasty.  Owner said you are right WONKA (this makes a change) it was just different.  We like different.  Born again Christian Owen cannot forgive silly Anna for leaping into bed with that nasty builder to iron out all their troubles but has instead made more.  Gingertop, her good son Gary will find out and then what!  You are still waiting to see my new catnip mousey I have not forgotten it is Owner's fault.  It is alright she cannot hear me above boiling the kettle it is like a rocket taking off at NASA.  Ruggles has been in once and is due any minute now so I must go and check out back.  And check the radiators are not boiling hot after all it is mid Summer.  Somewhere.  Now do go steady out there in the Wold wherever you are in it good folks.  Big Love Wonka x  PS  Owner insisted we add this:  stoppress!!  Mr Mueller!!  Man of the match!!!! and we are sorry if we spelt your name wrong actually it will be Owner's fault.....xx