Thursday, 12 June 2014

Opening Ceremony Thursdee!

Wonka here.  Just to wake you all up good folks in the Wold reading this with half an eye we are leading in (like it) with World Cup news and photoshoots....
Here it is Owner's proud contribution to the posters all about it.  Up top is you know who, overlooking Rio and down there is the wold with Brazil on it and to the right we have some football players with one from our good side squashed to the edge of the poster.  did you do that on purpose I challenged Owner (!! get me).  I ran out of room she goes.  Well we know the feeling.  The good kick off is at 9pm and who is Croatia then?? according to our good guide, and Zico (no not Zorro) he says they will (quote) try to rattle Brazil.  Righto.  They have funny check shirts like red and white table cloths which says Owner makes it easier for us to pick them out from Brazil who are sporting yellow and green.  Like parrots goes Owner.  Does this mean they copy and repeat things I said?  I do like a little joke to lighten things up.  So at 7pm sharp on good ITV we can tune in and start our World Cup journey.  We will have to sort out who we like best, Mr Crispy Linneker or that other one.  Whichever one least gets on Owner's nerves we think will win out.  And our final piece of sporty news is that Murray Mint has just lost out to a chappie called Stepanek at Queens.  Blimey.  We have never set eyes on him before.  We love him. (sorry murraymint).
Fresh and full of ceremony para.  Owner reports feeling dead beat what with going from one job to another and the rest.  I do empathise (double get me today) as I have a lot to do as you know, what with checking on Bertie which is more or less a full time job.  you know is he under the bed, in the Narnia cupboard, eating my leftovers, playing with my toy etc.  Not to mention good Rugglesis and the others out there ready to take my last crust!  I did ask what was for tea but she didn't hear me above deciding to plug the monster in upstairs.  I stayed clear in the kitchen but I could hear it droning and whining up above.  Bertie did too and as soon as Owner brought the monster downstairs going on about might as well do down here, he sped up to the bedroom and has not been sighted since.  I stayed nicely on the linen basket and listen to this, even when Owner let Ruggles in for his tea I did not move OR MAKE A SOUND.  VERY GOOD Wonka, goes Owner who only started breathing again once she had let him out.  She has never forgotten the black eye incident folks.   I love it.
Final ceremonious para.  Apart from dragging round going on about feeling hot and tired, Owner has a few things to tell.  (List) 1.  hair has suddenly and for no obvious reason gone right. 2. she has bought another mistake from the supermarket she does not like and I said why Owner are you still going in there? 3.  she thinks she lost a fiver in there too.  4.  Is taking the mistake back and vows to leave it alone now. 5.  some much awaited shoes were delivered whilst Owner was slaving away in one of those two jobs and the little card said they would try again tmro.  WHEN I WILL BE OUT AGAIN she said.  You cannot know that I said back, and I will do my best to delay them by looking at them through the bay window. (when they deliver the shoes whilst Owner is out).  Now tonight, beyond the best World Cup there is Enders.  And Max's ex wifeys Mum is telling on him.  She was spying through that funny garage office place and saw him and also funny daughter who is not an alcoholic but is a partner in crime, scrubbing things with bleach.  If they stay with this storyline goes Owner and keeps well away from the teenah and thingy and Sonyah one I may cope.  OH I said.  and then to cheer us on til 9pm is good celebrity masterchef.  Les Dennis said Russell's bread and butter pud was superior to his and Owner is in full agreement.  We shall report on the match tomorrow good folks out there in the Wold all holding out for more FACTS.  Owner said she decided to follow Wayne Rooney's missis Coleen on good twitter in case she spills some good titbits. LIKE I ventured,  Like they are celebrating their wedding anniversary of 6 years she reports.  zzzzzzzzzzzzOH sorry just fell into a dream then.  Now do go steady out there in the Wold folks wherever you are in it (and whoever you are supporting.  or not)  Big Love Wonka x