Sunday, 1 June 2014

Selfish Sundee

Wonka here.  in a nutshell we woke up and got up.  There was a slight delay whilst Bertie jumped off the bed at the same time as me and had to engage (like it) in a small hissing session.  but once he realised he was hissing at my shadow and that breakfast was immanent (lordy!) he dashed downstairs to join me.  Ruggles was waiting nicely on the doorstep and let Owner kiss him on the head.  This is not to be endured when you are trapped in a corner though.  me?  thanks for asking, well I do like the odd kiss but I have been known to lash out with a claw.  And Owner then tells me off and I think to myself, but how was I to know you weren't going to pop me in a box or make me have a tablet or such like??  THAT WAS HORRIBLE Wonka she goes to me when it happens.  But 5 mins later we are friends again.  I love it.

Fresh and do as we like para.  Selfish you all say?!  What does that mean good folks out there on your Sundees or thereabouts.  It means taking some time out.  You know how much I love Owner and I am always saying to her REST UP OWNER!! admittedly she often doesn't hear me above the noise of the monster running up and down the luxury carpets, or the taps running when she is washing up, or come to think of it, when she is tripping out to the luxury shed..  I help as much as I can, like making sure the washing is kept warm (by laying on it especially the bedding that is my fave nest) and generally cheering her on.  but today she said to me WONKA I AM HAVING TEN MINS....this did turn into a bit longer as we both went zzzzzzzzzzzz and I did worry if tea would be on time.  Bertie has just one inner clock and it is set to starving o'clock. I love it. 

Time out para.***************  OWNER'S BOOK SLOT OF THE WEEK******************

Yes it is that time of the week and this is Owner's choice.  it is poetry by the way and she has chosen her fave HAIKU out of it.
OOOOH it is still copying our photees and cartoons good as gold.  does this mean a change in our financial fortunes I said to Owner?  We can only hope she said back.  here is Owner's fave:

It happened again I LOVE YOU BLOG you can see good folks there it is just four lines but it captured Owner's heart to read it.  maybe your heart will be lassoed too.
Fresh and restful para.  nothing else has happened today above the usual little jobs that Owner has to keep doing.  she had two minutes of worrying about our financial state until she realised we could all go under a bus and we must live for the moment.  This is my philosophy as you know good folks.  it is made harder when there is nothing on the tv or, what is on is on zero setting for entertainment.  This is what happened last night when we settled on this Country is in need of talent.  WHAT IS THIS RUBBISH Owner kept saying and HOW DID THEY GET THROUGH.  it will be a funny old final as we are not sure who can wing it I mean WIN it.  And we have that to look forward to next Satdee.  other than that we caught a little of good Dale Winton who we love and adore doing his inittowinit quiz.  owner and Grandson got  all the questions right, I was proud.  Then onto Casualtee and as we thought, Charlee has HAD A WORD.  It was a warning word to the person in charge.  they thought they were doing a good job but Charlie said it is CHAOS.  Well there was a patient up on the roof ready to take a short cut to the ground level but she was quickly spotted and saved,  No not by Charlie he must have been gearing up for his nursey advice.  We love him.  Now you may or may not know this but the WORLD CUP is coming.  This means a month of tv heaven or hell whichever you like.  I have warned Owner to stock up on films OR learn to love this strange game.  No one that we have read so far thinks England will get past the first group whatever that is.  prediction from Owner:  THIS YEAR WONKA ANYTHING CAN HAPPEN.  you read it here first.  Even though they are playing this game in a hot country and it will be like kicking a ball around in a steam bath.  We love it lots.  And we love Shakira too.  Now do go steady out there in the Wold wherever you are in it as the good week approaches.  Big Love Wonka x