Sunday, 29 June 2014

Simple Sundee

Wonka here.  every so often we have one of those days where we just get up, do a little bit of housework and THEN RELAX. .... alright Owner did get the monster out (I MUST HOOVER) and I sped quickly upstairs.  Bertie was already safe in his air raid shelter stroke wardrobe.  I must say once you get in there you can't hear too much of anything.  It's alright she goes lugging the monster into the bedroom, I am just standing it in here ready.  OH I said.  if we had been in an army regiment, and Owner had been our drill sergeant she would have said AT EASE.  I love it.

Simple and new para.  Owner popped to the baths and thankfully did not see Mick or Ian there (my little joke) and reports it was warm and fairly child free, just a few adults swimming back and forth.  This is good news to Owner as it means she is not rude to anyone for getting in her way. We are now surrounded by not one set of papers but two.  One is from yesterdee, with about five or six supplements to get through and now she has bought another proper Sundee one.  WHY TWO I ventured fighting my way through a sea of paper and magazines.....I didn't think I would buy the one today she goes, then I thought why not.....Now that Owner is fully immersed in the footie not to mention good Wimbledon she reads the sports supplement which before lined the floor for our luxury trays.  (sorry England) (and all the other world cup teams.  it is nice to look at you all though...).  sorry Just realised I have mentioned the footie.  me and Owner shouted through Brasil v Chile mostly saying things like THAT WAS A GOAL and HOW CAN THE REFERREE SEE IT....the verdict was it was a handball but Brasil went and won it on penalties thank you Neymar.  Poor chile who ran like a pack of ants up and down that pitch lost out due to that.  We loved it.

Yes it is still simple Para.  fly in the ointment you all gasp up??  NO CASUALTEE because of the match.  we have high hopes it is on tonight or Owner will be too far out of her comfort zone and then so will I.  We may tune into Holland v Mexico as we support the Robbins.  Now Owner has been watching Charlotte's web which is an ace story about a little pig Wilbur and a spider called Charlotte - we did not know it was written by an American E B White in 1952!!!  We were entranced.  And we recommend this as our story of the week.  Owner's other revelation (like it like it) is a new book written by the chappie that walked the high wire between the twin towers, and he is called Philippe Petit, the book is called Creativity and is out July 24th.  Why are you so in love with him I asked up.  He is magic, said Owner, I like his philosophy of life.  OH I said back.  For our good photoshoot you will be delighted to know it is me!!!  simply relaxing which is what I do best...
There I am!!  with Owner's portrait of me at back and next to that is good Tinkerbelle the little wooden cat carved by Owner's dad.....xxxx
Last simple para....Owner is all set for a relaxing week ahead (now where did I hear that before) and me?  thanks for asking, I can but try......Ruggles has been in mid morning and chomped through 4 - 5 of my good to eat pouches.  Bertie is now on best Sheba and biscuits which he seems to favour in the deep of the night. OTHER CATS, goes Owner, don't have food round the clock but I did point out that if Owner is kind enough to leave us overflowing troughs of biscuits in case we starve in the night, then Bertie is bound to take advantage.  me?  I can go without thank you.  If we can get through the footie and the Doctors and Nurseys and stumble off to bed in one piece we will say thank you very much simple Sundee!  Here follows a small update on the match (Holl v Mex) we have been reading up on all the penalties stuff and more on bitey Suirez with some interesting comments but Owner is now summing up thus:  Wonka, it is a huge enterprise with a lot of £s and $s riding on it.  and where there is power and money................bringing it all back to earth then!  Holland are not scoring and neither are Mexico.  There is a lot of huffing and puffing as it is boiling and the usual shoving and falling down.  Owner wants Holland to win it and so do I (sorry Mexico)...Now do go steady out there in the Wold wherever you are in it..and let us all have a creative week!  big Love Wonka x