Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Speak up Tuesdee

Wonka here.  Somehow, despite it being very very hot in the night Owner slumbered and dreamt.  Can she recall any of those wispy dreams?  some stairs and a chest of drawers she goes.  hardly ground breaking stuff is it Owner I said from the safety of being half way down the bed.  Bertie was up top and forgot to growl and hiss.  I LOVE YOU WONKA she goes giving me a lovely cuddle to start the day off and she even gave Bertie a tiny miniscule weensy stroke too.   And it gets better dear folks our there basking in your June weather.  Owner has changed the setting in the poor boiler to SUMMER SETTING.  This is a giant risk for Owner who is shivering and cold when all around her are stripping off and going HOW HOT IT IS.  We love it.

Speaking it up fresh para.  Now what you all worry, what is this speaking up thing?  As you can tell Owner was in an up boys and at em mood today, or on fighting fit setting.  First thing does she go onto a well known and not inexpensive website to use her design for some cards.  Can you afford it Owner I ventured (like it)?  NO she says back, but can I afford not to?  As per she has created a work of beauty and used this site to turn it into some cards.  it is a good gift for the person who is leaving the very job that causes Owner to fret and be frazzled.  But, we hasten to add, there will a good party or two and it is high time for some socialising.  And it gives me a break whilst Owner is out there BEING POLITE AND FRIENDLY.  We all know how very tiring this is and especially for Owner but I still nurse hopes on the love front.  And yes, Owner rushed off to the same job that is struggling to be a good job and said she will speak up about the not speaking thing.  Yes.  Me?  thanks for asking, well Bertie has been fairly good and Tinkers popped up the stepladders outback and perched on the windysill looking in at me looking out at her.  Which bring us nicely to our good cartoon and story from Sundee.  There was Owner painting away on my sideboard and all was peaceful and then she looks out into the good and sunny back yard and there it is.  A SMALL BLACK DOG.Oh No she says and then spies Tinkers a couple of feet behind with a huge bushy tail.  WOE!  here follows the good cartoon:

There I am at the bottom looking out of the window at the scene in the good backyard.  There is Tinkers with her giant tail and in front the little black dog who had popped through the good back gate to inspect our yard and Owner thinks the contents of the luxury shed.  When Owner caught up with Black Dog's keeper, she was told how much Cocoa (or Coco, or Koko? who knows) loved cats.  But they may not know that goes Owner.  Tinkers sped off in the right direction behind the shed and soon came back to tell us she was still ravenous.  We love it.

Fresh and talk it up Para.  Eons later, Owner comes bursting back in with a few bits and pieces and says she has HAD A WORD.  and there will be small meeting come Fridee.  That's nice I said, and can me and Bertie have some food as we are starving.   Now listen to this as this is our WORLD CUP fact of the day:  one of the footballers who is playing for Italy (we think) who are playing England on Satdee, well he has only gone and proposed to his girlfriend!!  his name is Mario Balotelli  (our reliable booklet calls him the 'bad boy'!!) and she is called Fanny yes really.  We hope she is.  you know what Owner is like with names.....  This is just the kind of World Cup news we like to hear.  if we hear any more on that one we will keep you posted. #postagestamp coverage.  other sporty news is that Owner for some reason is watching some tennis at Queens and admiring the attire of the players.  They are talking up one of them called Dimitrov who Owner notes has a fetching top and shorts on.  Righto I said wondering when our real teatime might be.   It's all very well Owner turning all sporty but I have my nourishment to think of, and my naps in between zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.  I love it.

Final speak up and be listened to Tuesdee.  Now last night we soldiered on with Enders even though Owner was in danger of shouting.  As it was she turned over early to good Corrie. As we feared with nothing else to capture our attention than boring Sonyah and even more boring Shirlee's sister (Owner forgot name as per) and their ghastly love tryst as Owner calls it, with that other one, it would have made a gnat bored and we were too.  Corrie is not boring and has so many good storylines we are spoiled.  Poor Steve caved in and took annoying Michelle back which is a shame when he could have more fun elsewhere, we think.  Carling black eyebrows is being supported by Roy who understands everything since losing Hayley.  And born again Owen?  Not forgiving Anna.  No.  An when will ginger top Garee, her son find out?  Then what?  We love it.  tonight there is more Enders and we pray for anyone to take centre stage other than those sisters.  Where is Masood?  Has Dot been taken on by an alien, and thinks it is her grandson??  Luckily, after Holbee City and all those intense backbiting Doctors and nurses there is celebrity Masterchef to calm us all down for the night.  Now I must check on Rugglesis as he may be waiting at the poor back door.  And come to mention it I feel a tad peckish.  Now do go steady out there in the Wold wherever you are in it.  Big Love Wonka x