Sunday, 8 June 2014

Sporty Sundee

Wonka here.  The King, that is Rafa Nadal, and we shall call him the Emperor Novak Djokovic are in Owner's humble opinion, legends in the tennis world and she loves both of them, but Novak the most.  Me? thanks for asking well I do like to champion the underdog so to speak, and my fave is Murray mint.  He got thrashed by Rafa and says he is going to pull out all the stops when we get to good Wimbledon.  I love it.

Fresh sporty para.  Since when all of you pipe and say, did Owner suddenly take this giant interest in sport?  Since good folks out there in the Wold, there was nothing else to watch on the telly.  And understanding the rules.  All know how complex (like this word) rules are.  I mean I have to follow rules, like making a strange chirruping noise when Ruggles is in the kitchen, and another yodelling noise to remind Bertie that I am King in this house.  I had to do this first thing, and I must say after I had made a fuss about Bertie being 1.  in the bottom of the cupboard in Owner's bedroom 2.  then being on the bed itself, well it did wake Owner up and increase our chances of an early breakfast.  Just because she had a rude awakening and had to say HONESTLY WONKA and STOP THAT GROWLING BERTIE, it did all shake down.  Owner then went on to go for a swim which is normal sporty setting for a Sundee and come back with more supplies.  I did say to her that the tiger loaf and the two strawberry jam and cream doughnuts weren't that sporty but she didn't hear me above rushing to turn the telly on for her fave funny film.  What is it you all say?  The moneypit, with beloved Tom Hanks and Shelly Long.  For those of you in the complete and utter dark, Shelly used to be in a comedy show that ran for years called Cheers.  Owner says it was very very funny and why isn't it on now.  We loved it.

More on the sporty front para.   You will all be on the edge of your seats for the football fact of the day.  World Cup alert!!  Owner has checked in her booklet and has this to tell you: 'Neymar is the greatest player in Brazilian football at the moment.'  All well and good I said but what else?  It will be a huge occasion for him, says Owner reading the blurb (by a chappie called Zico.  We do loves these names) and here we go, he has been signed to Barcelona.  And this is where the postage stamp comes into its own.  Players are bought and sold like famous paintings, turning up here and playing there!  How big is this game goes Owner....but hang on as we are even now glued to the two legends bashing it out in the French Open.  Owner wants Novak to win and so do I.  For our photoshoot we must have a glimpse of these two on the court says Owner.  here we are:
There they are and it is all thanks to Owner's limited photo taking ability that we have both players in the shot!  we love it.
Breaking news sporty para.  OOOH you all say , this is new!! Owner is keen to make her postage stamp commentary as good as it can be.  After all she goes, that's how these sports people win out.  OH I goes back.  Oh yes, the breaking news is that Rafa Nadal has only gone and won the French open against our beloved Novak.  I cannot quibble goes Owner because Rafa paid full dues to Novak.  We love them, our legends. our heroes.
Final sporty newsy para.  what else has gone on you say?  what of Mr Beau.  No news there and we can only send more prayers up to St Francis who heads up the animal and bird sanctuary in the next room.  We do have news on Rugglesis and Tinkers though but Owner is saving it for tmro.  she has two good cartoons to go with the stories and they are top stories.  I star in one of them, and Ruggles does a bit and Tinkers in the other one.  My story made Owner laugh so much I thought a comedian had trotted in through the door and come out with some all time clever jokes, but no, it was just me!!  I was very proud.  all to be revealed tomorrow.  Now last night we watched the talent show, and Simon ghoul aka cowell did buzz one of the acts, and David Walliams told him off.  yes.  it was the good lads in their ankleboots having a cheeky French moment and we loved it.  We also loved Lettice who is quite mad and can play the violin but neither of them won it, nor did the magician laddie in his straightjacket dangling in mid air, no it was your common garden singers that scooped the prize.  On to Casualtee and it centred on aged folk dying with dignity.  I thought Owner coped really well and only muttered about OH NO NOT CARE PLAN TALK and DNR Talk once or twice.  Remind me to write down Wonka, she goes, I do not want bringing back once I decide to pop off.  Neither do I, I joined in with it but I bet you anything good folks out there if I go funny owner will spend massive amounts of money we haven't got at the good vets.  But, I'm worth it!!  And as for Owner I can always yodell in her face to bring her back round!! Tonight there is nothing on, alright there is but is in keeping with this good blog it is all sporty.  We will have to find a film goes Owner, or clue up on the world cup............ now do go steady out there in the Wold folks wherever you are in it, especially with such a week ahead.  big Love Wonka x