Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Talkative Wednesdee

Wonka here.  Slow start with Owner going on about 5 MORE MINUTES..zzzzzz...BEEEP bbb BBBEEEP and that is how our day started good folks out there.  Bertie for some reason had made his own way downstairs instead of being chased down by me and me and Owner ambled down nicely.  yes the heating is still OFF and we are still on Summer setting.  And strangely, Owner was not boiling hot in the night either.  If I get cold she goes, I will pop a jumper on.  Never, I said back.  We love it.

Fresh and chatty para.  Yes it has happened, Owner trots off to the job that is nearly a terrific job but not quite and reports that the ones who weren't talking are all talking their heads off and she couldn't get a word in.  Never, I goes back (that's twice I've said that now).  So that just goes to show I said to her, whilst she was busy unpacking billions of supplies and sorting our snacks out, (we do starve whilst she is out there working) it shows that speaking up is worth it!  I AGREE she said back.  Owner reports had also called in on aged sibling who purchased an electrical item which wasn't right, took it back and got another one that is also not right.  Somehow, Owner has not lost patience about this but is talking reasonably and calmly.  I did say have you got a temperature Owner but she didn't hear me above taking the washing off the line and washing up.  Aged parent was also agreeable and we know this is rare but rather nice when it happens.  I HAD A GOOD VISIT Owner said.  Thank goodness I said, and then told on Bertie who has pinched all my food again.  No wonder he is homeless with that appetite said Owner.  I love it.

Talk it up a bit more para.  For our World Cup fact of the day, Owner says she saw somewhere that a certain Danny Wellbeck (might be his name and so sorry Danny if we got it wrong.  I blame Owner) well he has an injury and missed the England Training.  yes.  I know I thought it a tad boring too, so to make it more interesting there is a photoshoot of me and our priceless font of knowledge THE VIEWING PLANNER:
I know!  stunning aren't I! sitting in a shaft of sunlight too.  That blue twisty thing is my best toy it has a little ball inside and I can whack it round the track anytime.  Oh and the giraffe is one of my toys but next to me is the booklet we have looked in lots and it is open at the pages which tell us day by day what is happening and the venues where they will be!! We love it!! and tomorrow is the day it all starts and Owner's good cartoon will be on here.
Final talktalk para.  Now last night Owner nearly burst a blood vessel watching Enders which is dragging its feet on the most boring storyline in the Wold about Sonyah, Teenah (a bad omen being called that) who is the strange girlish woman sister of Shirlee and that other woman who we think is going to be an EVIL partner manipulating and nasty.  This still doesn't hot it up for Owner who just about hung on to watch born again alcoholic Lauren unravel more murder information whilst Max her sorry excuse for a father and other doting daughter cover his tracks.  Yes Shazzer is palming off her chimneysweep son onto Phil who is not best pleased.  Holby passed us by in a dream and then it was celebrity masterchef and we are rooting for good Russell Grant and Sophie.  Tonight all we have is Corrie and nothing else.  Says Owner.  I HAVE BOUGHT ROBOCOP as back up she goes.  (it says Crime has a new enemy on the front. Yes)  I mean I thought we were sposed to be glued to the World Cup and if not that the tennis and Murray mint  (me, his biggest fan).  Now Tinkers has not been sighted but will be out there as is good Ruggles but still no Mr Beau.   Bertie has not asked to go out again but Owner thinks he may have forgotten where the good back door is.  I rest my paws and everything.  Now do go steady out there in the Wold wherever you are in it.  Big Love Wonka x