Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Tough Tuesdee

Wonka here.  Slumber on we did until Owner said TIME TO GET UP and thought may have overdone it.  But all was fine, and I overtook Bertie on the stairs.  yes he managed to get a hiss in and if there was a referee like in the good football it might have been a yellow card or a free kick thing.  Owner says she is the said referee thank you very much and didn't think I was offside (we are not sure about this rule) but would have warned both of us.  As it is dustbin day when Bertie asked to go out usually 2 mins after using the luxury tray, Owner dithered on this.  WHAT IF HE GETS SCARED?  she says to me.  I did say that he is already scared and cannot be anymore scared by bins or monsters from outer space or whatever is lurking out back, but she didn't hear me above letting him out.  and blow me down if he wasn't back 2 seconds in front of a dustbin being moved down the passage way.  CLEVER BERTIE! goes owner as if he had just invented the cat flap...no wonder I called you Bertie, she continued (like it) as it is short for ALBERT! as in Einstein....me? jealous? not in my nature...mostly.  I love it.

Tough nut para.  Now Ruggles did not call for his teatime and Owner went on a slight worrywart.  As it was a bad day at black rock yesterdee it could have grown into a giant worrywart but guess what turned the tables on it all??  NEYMAR!!  I am just going to take a peek at the Brazil v Cameroon she said. Well, one minute all was dark and dingy and the next she was shouting about this goal and that goal and DID YOU SEE THAT!  In the first half Neymar was shoved to the ground by this giant Cameroon player and he picks himself up and the next thing is whisking the ball into the net!!  Owner says was inspired by it.  I may write a fan letter to Neymar to say thanks for cheering Owner up on such a gloom ridden evening.  it even helped her make a tough decision good folks out there all having a half decent day we hope.......... I am going to get up tmro Wonka (that is today now) and sort things out sensibly she goes....did she you all gasp?  I am proud to say that when Owner set off early to the job that sometimes falls short when the little people make it worth it, she went to a meeting (gasp) did her job nicely (more gasp) and then talked to a good person about having a break.  This is opposed (like this word) to throwing the towel in.  Fancy you being sensible I said when she trots back in all proud of herself.  I KNOW she said.  I love it.  So for our good cartoon it is of course the Star man himself, NEYMAR!
And there he is!  Just imagine carrying the hopes of your country into the game...........we love him.
Toughish new para.  so there it is good folks Owner has managed a tough decision and also SPOKE UP for herself.  I am pleased because it means more time for Owner to spend on me.  Me first, then Bertie then good Ruggles who marched in this morning and was given a heroes welcome by Owner.  I thought maybe we had won the lottery (don't mention the finances....) but no it was just Owner glad to see teddy bear Ruggles.  I did nip in to try and sniff him close up but ran off at the last minute....  I love him sort of.
Final tough day down para.  Yes we are watching England play out the last game before coming home.  No they haven't scored but then neither has The Weasel - we think he is there for Costa Rica.  here follows another of Owner's famous predictions:  Holland (and Robin), Brazil (Neymar) and maybe France.  Now tonight there is nothing on except footie and tennis.  Tennis you all shout up is that all you do watch sport! Funny you should say that, but if it keeps Owner on the straight and narrow then sport it is. Mr Federer is through his little match and that nice Serena is bashing the ball at the moment.  of course if Owner is relaxing and having that much needed time out, then we will be sported up to the gunnels.  overflowing with it.  yes we have checked and blow me down but Enders is squashed in somehow between games.  Roxy and foxy those dread sisters seemed to be in the last one we watched, with Foxy packing her bags and leaving.  but not before talking to FIL.  he seems to be the new keeper of the Square's secrets.  I never had FIL down for the confiding in type goes Owner, and we really are lost in the maze of secrets going round not to mention Dot and her phoney grandson one.  Now if like Owner you are on the brink of a decision, watching a game of footie could reveal your answer!  in the meantime, I must watch for Ruggles and check on Bertie too.  Do go steady out there in the Wold wherever you are in it.  Big Love Wonka x