Saturday, 21 June 2014

Wall to Wall footie Satdee

Wonka here.  I must say if Owner watches anymore footie I'm going to suggest she applies to talk about it on one of these panels.  After all, we all know that everyone is looking at what they are wearing (Mr Thierry) working out who they are (Clarence) understanding what they are on about (not sure think he Scottish) or just thinking, what a nice young man (Rio)....and this offside rule, well no one seems to get that, and as for the yellow card thing, all that happens is they throw themselves on the pitch and make it look like they have been tripped up or smacked round the head.  Owner reports she has seen better acting on the pitch than in Enders but I said that is not asking for too much.... (sorry Enders!)....  So back home with our England Team and to say goodbye properly Owner has done a good cartoon.  meanwhile we are on with Arg v Irn and no one yes NO ONE has scored.  not even good Messi who everyone talks about.
So there is our good Team heading home and who we wonder will make it to Rio and the grand finale??  Owner has this to say (head in paws)  she likes Holland and Robin, she likes France and Karim, then Neymar and last but not least the Weasel for Costa Rica....we love it.
Fresh shouting and groaning footie para.  Owner has checked and it really is footie all night long, NO CASUALTEE she goes, but that is on tmro.....there is always Robocop I ventured and it does say it is fast moving action packed with stunning special effects on the packet.  yes we are still talking about the film not our life or the footie.  Now when we came too this good morn Rug was waiting nicely on the step and it was a good sunny morn.  And when Owner stumbled back in from her shopping (yes she bought something and yes it fits.  No she didn't need it not at all) there he was again splayed on the back step in the glorious sunshine. I surpassed (get me!) myself by staying on the linen box and just looking at him a tiny bit when I thought he wasn't looking.  VERY GOOD Wonka goes Owner standing nearby her nerves ready to burst into action.  but it was alright, he headed off only giving me a small hiss of acknowledgement on the way to freedom.  Bertie hisses more to be fair.  Where is he you all enquire?  in the wardrobe upstairs until he thinks he is starving and he will trot down.  A very poor advert for us felines.  At least I play with my toys and make Owner laugh.  She loves it.
Final longest day para.  yes good folks out there possibly enjoying your longest day too, it is the Summer Solstice and we enjoy lots of daylight.  There is more time to have fun in, visit in, feed in or watch the footie in.  We love it.  The rose is still bloomin and Owner has fed it.  WHAT WITH I said not a tiny bit jealous especially when Owner read the side of the packet.  URGH she goes.  But it is organic so that is a good thing.   Last night we coped well with Enders and recovering Shazzer and annoying Shirlee.  We've got to talk FIL she goes.  Well that will be a first for either of them said Owner as Fil's preferred method is to whisper loudly.  In one word sentences.  Bring back Carol's scarf, and Masood while you're at it.  We clung onto Celebrity masterchef and watched the right people go OUT leaving thingy out of JLS and Amanda out of??  This summer could be a long one Owner reckons.  yes there is Wimbledon and all the ups downs and grunts and groans.  We love it.  Now do go steady out there in the Wold good folks wherever you are in it.  Big Love Wonka x