Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Wide Awake Wednesdee

Wonka here.  yes that's right we all slumbered away and Owner reports dreaming of School (again) (not horrible) (thank you) and her parents.  Bearing in mind good folks out there either with parents or without, well Owner has one this side of the divide and one the other.  Aged parent aka Mother is very firmly this side.  WAS IT A GOOD DREAM I ventured, enjoying a first thing cuddle and keeping an eye out for Bertie too.  I must be first downstairs otherwise my day will not go right.  IT WAS ALRIGHT goes Owner and IT WAS NICE TO SEE DAD.  she said she had told Mum that Dad was going to be the Cook.  OH I said.  And then the race for downstairs was on and the good day began.  I love it.

Wide awake and possibly with it para.    Owner says Bertie must be monitored ref his inner workings.  I said what like making sure he does not pinch my breakfast like he just did?  OH NO! says Owner who really is trying hard to pin down the right fodder for him... Me?  thanks for asking, well I have a little bit of this one, then I scrape all the pouch boxes as if to say I WANT MORE and then I sniff it and run away.  Just my little ritual that's all it is and goodness knows why Owner goes onto funny setting...  the more you try Owner I advised, the less likely it is to happen you need to calm down etc...but she didn't hear me above shaking some new biscuits into his trough.  Ruggles as you know is not fussy and only has one ritual and that is chomping his food and then rushing for the door as if he has been a prisoner for nigh on a century.  We love him. For today's photoshoot stroke cartoon is of me, naturally.  and it is me and a Bee.
There I am!! perched on the good sideboard looking out back and suddenly I spots the bee, it is so tiny it has a little arrow pointing to it which says A REAL BEE.... and to the left is a pretend bee on a bendy stick thing that Owner bought ages ago because I LIKE IT Wonka she said.  You are wondering what is that thing to the right dangling down. That is a small teddy that is stuck to the window and it is old.  It has always had a sticker on it to stick to a window. And those lovely flowers are a purple violet and Owner said THEY WILL ATTRACT BEES and such and they have.  We love them. 
Fresh wide awake para.  And that is more than we can say for the Brazil v Mexico match last night, as Owner nearly fell asleep waiting for a goal to be scored.  All are talking up the good goalkeeper for Mexico as he kept all efforts out.  Neymar tried his best says Owner.  FACT.  Mr Rooney has been joined by wifey, good Colleen and his boys and is now moved to CENTRE instead of at the side.  Mr Thierry Henri (we may mix his name up for good reasons...we love him) suggested this the other day.  We love him even more.  And his cardis.  Tonight we are watching good Holland and good Aussie who have both scored 2 goals each!!  And Robben is a star.  We may watch a bit of Spain v Chile as Owner thinks this will be exciting.  Will Spain crack on?  We think so.
Last wide awake para.  It has gone back to warm and the boiler is somehow coping with Owner's shenanigans (like it) and the SUMMER setting v WINTER setting.  One minute we are alright next it is tropical.  We love it.  Enders last night revealed another shocker from that scary family in the Queen Vic and it is Shirlee who now reveals she is mother to Mick.  Who is Mick you all gasp.  All this time we have been grappling with who is who and which sister is called what and now Shirlee wants to be a teenage Mum.  And Mick we all thought was her bruvver.  IT'S A SECRET FIL she goes.  FIL? SECRETS? we think not.  tonight we must try to fit Corrie in as Carling black eyebrows is drinking and being nasty to all.  Peter who is not a murderer according to good and patient Leanne, but is doing his best to be everything else is supporting his wifey with bottles of vodka.  And Rita  you all say, is she still guilt ridden....Yes.  And Dennis is still lurking. Now do go steady folks out there in the Wold wherever you are in it, and may your side be a winning side!  Big Love wonka x
PS - update and #postagestamp news on the Aussie v Holland match, well Holland gone 3 up!!!