Thursday, 3 July 2014

Back on track Thursdee

Wonka here.  Today good folks out there looking forward to the weekend, it is lovely and warm with that nice warm blustery wind.  And that's outside folks!! just my little joke...  we slept in because there was a lot of changing of the guard in the night, up down, under the bed (me) at the top (Bertie bob) tossing and turning (Owner).  I WENT THROUGH EVERY HORRID SCENARIO goes Owner of which we know there are plenty (in Owner's wold).. To everyone else suffering from this kind of thing Owner has all the good advice known to man.  Me?  thanks for asking, I spent a pleasant night dreaming of pleasant things oh and chasing Bertie when he dared to get off the bed.  I love it.

Fresh and blustery para.  now today as you may have gathered Owner is fully FOCUSSED and with it.  why? you all gasp up....Owner says it is because good mercury is now going forward in the heavens plus something about mars and venus... RIGHTO I said agreeing with it all because as you know I need my teatime and snacks.  BUT, I happen to know this kind of go for it attitude usually means spending money (we haven't got.  thankyou credit card.) and am I ever a wrong cat? No not.  so off she goes with a list (Fatal) and back she comes laden yes laden with ALL on the list and more besides.  Did we, I ventured, need a towel bale?  HALF PRICE she gabbles, unpacking all this new stuff.  I LIKE THOSE I said....A Snip she said whipping off a fancy pair of sunglasses...and that is? I said poking in this giant sack aka carrier bag (you could have used it to move a house with and have room for extras..)..that says Owner, is the bargain of the day, it is a waterproof, packaway, secret hood, zipper pockets, stow away, cute as you like MAC.  personally I don't know why this isn't issued to the entire armed forces as the security MAC of the year.  Once in it I cannot see a way out.   prisoner could be apprehended and zipped into it in the sound knowledge there was no escape.  I imagine the next time I see it will be on BGT (brit got a bit of talent) with someone wrestling their way out of it from underwater. Yes.  However, (big word for me) all of this shopping had owner on full HAPPY setting so there we are.  I love it, owner happy equals me happy.

Happy days para.  Now whilst Owner was in a small daydream this morning listening up to good Radio 2 did she hear about this trombone player.  This then triggered (ooer) a memory of her Grandad (dad's dad, the carving one) who was in a band, called wait for it...the Rhythm Boys!  She has a photo of them on the wall in the good kitchen and she has used it for today's photoshoot as it is so good (she says.  it is)  It was taken in 1939 at the Haverhill Town Hall (Suffolk) so as you will know good folks, the year of WW2. Owner lived in Haverhill as a small child and has memories of this town hall.  And here it is:
There he is with his saxophone, second from the left behind the big RB sign!!  Owner says her grandma used to go to dances at the town hall and the excitement of making dresses and dying them and pinching them from her sisters, wonderful days....  We love it and hope you do too.
Final going forward para.  Last night we did enjoy Corrie even though as forecast it was all about off his poor head Nick, bruvver David and their vendetta against newly reformed but is he Michael...Steve and streetcars provided the fun, he is our top fave we love him.  I am too tired said Owner, to stay up for celebrity what happened?  we stayed up for it, and watched good Kiki Dee go home which was distracting as she was really the only one we knew.  Oh we know the nursey from Holby city who used to get on owner's nerves.  She has stayed in.  For now.  It is on tonight and we may tune in, if Owner has kept it together through Enders.  Families are leaving and some are staying and Owner says it is often the wrong way round.  We love it.
Final happy day para.    Have you noticed a complete lack of info on the footie (not on til tmro)  or the tennis (been on..).  here it comes.  Thank you God of tennis and all, but Novak is through his little match along with Daddy Federer, but our main excitement is our new fave Miss Bouchard!!  she will be in the final against another nice tennis player we cannot for the life of us recall her name though (sorry worthy opponent).  After yesterdee's dramas on court ref Murray mint who came across in a rather eeyore way said Owner.  meaning I went?  Very Mournful she said.  Well he has gone out I said back as you know I am his only fan and he has all my heartfelt sympathy.  Bertie as you know supports Daddy Fed.  Now I must dash as there is Bertie upstairs to keep an eye on and good Ruggles has been and fairly got through a few of my best pouches.  Soon be the weekend and more finals!!  We love it. Now do go steady out there in the Wold good folks wherever you are in it.  Big Love Wonka x