Monday, 14 July 2014

Back to the future Mundee

Wonka here.  It is all over or like the good song of Roy Orbison IT'S OVERRRR, IT'S OVAHHHH, IT'S OVAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!....  did we love it or did we love it.  Owner stayed up to will Argy Bargy on.  Especially that Messi.  to no avail, as those pesky Germans won out and it was a chappie with ace eyebrows far better that Rihanna who posed with him (says Owner and she knows a thing or two about eyebrows...) called Gotze or something very like that but his first name is Mario.  And this good folks out there all footballed out, was in EXTRA TIME.  So Messi did win a little something but he did look downcast, and all we can say to cheer the losing side up is:  IT IS THE TAKING PART.............but I bet those Germans are still celebrating and such like.  We love it.

Back to the future para.  yes so it is back to what we know and love, financial ruin, no job, no breakaway for at least 4 weeks (that is too soon Owner I noted) and the daily grind of it all.  I AM GOING TO RISE ABOVE IT goes Owner up like a lark and all positive this morning.  things to cling onto are, (list) 1.  Owner nearly went off her anxiety rocker sorting out a return to this giant warehouse somewhere in Europe, but it all went to plan.  she is still in shock.  2.  It is a good sunny and cheerful day.  So far.  3.  Bertie has stopped growling and hissing at Wonka.  for now. 4.  Rugglesis ear was inspected last night, in the dark, and he let Owner bathe it.  it looked not too bad.  For now.  We love it.

Fresh look to the future not the past para.  Now Owner said she had a seagull shoot for me, all the way from Portsmouth and here it is:
Here we are!!  Now when I first inspected (like it) this I said Owner, WHERE IS THE SEAGULL?? I could see the side of a building which she says is the good Portsmouth Cathedral, I could see a nice tree with lots of cars and such parked up neatly I could see some scrappy grass....OH YES, there it is near to the left hand side, at the edge of the green.  Next time Owner, I said, use the Zoom thing.  I DID she said back.  I love it.
Fresh better off in the future para.   Other things to cheer us on are that Christophe Evans who has been off sick is now back to the future and on his Radio 2 breakfast show!  Has he come back too soon though asks Owner all concerned.  Another week she said wisely.  that's not what you do I spoke up from behind the kitchen door but she didn't hear me above turning the radio up.  Now last night we had a bit of todo on the bed with Bertie Bubbles forgetting who he was and where he was, so he treated me as if I was a raiding Viking on the attack.  In reality, I was entering the room and about to jump on the bed for a wash round.  STOP IT NOW goes Owner worried that a full scale cat fight is about to happen within arms reach.  We all know it is Bertie and not me, and I just carried on as normal checking him out, and looking at him.....luckily Bertie realised nothing else was on the cards and settled himself up.  Me?  thanks for asking, got on with my wash and then trotted back downstairs again.  I love it.
final futuristic para.  We have now caught up with celebrity masterchef!  To our great sorrow Mr Biggins only coughed up a trifle based on his great Aunt's recipe and it did not impress our John and Gregg.... Amanda's dish also failed to get them going.  Luckily beloved Wayne Sleep our little ballet meister is still in with the adventurer, Sophie and Jodie.  four to turn into three.  Money on the adventurer to smash it but would love Mr Sleep to do well.  We do love an underballet dancer.  Now we have to catch up with good Corrie and looks like that charm bracelet is going to feature which thanks to good Deidre has been washed and touched by...well by cheating Peetah!  is the finger of fate finally turning towards him and away from team tracey and rob??  who will sprag (owner says that is a word??) on Tracey and her dodgy dealings in the van that night.  As for Enders, they seem to be having a year long party at the Queen Vic just with the carter family if that is their name and Shirlee keeps making an appearance with a new relative.  Bring back Peggy!  Bring back Phil's bruverly bruv.  Even make shazzer's part bigger (Owner says that sounds funny.....).  Anyhow, must dash as time to check on the baby seagulls who are cheeping for ingerland amongst those chimneytops, Bertie who has had a nice brush out and was last seen in the Narnia cupboard, and then there is good Ruggles.  Try dear folks out there pining for some more footie (not for a long four years in good Russia) to re focus and try some other sport, like the commonwealth games in Glasgow..Och Aye.  DON'T BE SILLY Wonka, says Owner waking up slightly...they don't even say that.  they do say HEN instead of dear or love though.  I mean I cannot vouch for Bertie but I would not answer to Hen, no.  Now do go steady out there in the Wold good folks wherever you are in it.  Big Love Wonka x