Saturday, 5 July 2014

Be Strong Satdee

Wonka here.  Alright I shouldn't have kept going near Bertie last night and causing him to growl and hiss.  SHUTUP Bertie goes owner trying for a quiet read, a sort of slowing down before the good night and sleep descends.  HOW CAN I...she chirps up, with you up and down at the window and then popping on the bed 2 inches away from Bertie bubbles.  Actually, and in my defence, there were signs of a cat fight out back.  I had to keep a close eye on this and how can I help it if Bertie is perched nearby??  As it happens Owner fell into the kind of sleep that beckons when you have had enough of the day.  We all zzzzzzzzzz'd until 8 ish.  We loved it.

Fresh go to it para.  What is this you all wonder in amazement, be strong and go to it?? as you thought Owner was on track.  Now unless you have been in that dark cave, or just signed off the planet, or maybe you are an alien visiting our good planet for the first time and have just met up with this good blog.....Owner rarely stays on the same mood setting for more than one day at a time.  First off (list) 1.  the job  2.  is it still a job.  3.  despite it not quite measuring up to being the perfect job it was Owner's job. 4.  Everything else sort of relies on the job.  Have I to go back to it? debates Owner with herself either late at night when these questions build themselves into wold shattering events....or when she wakes up and can't think straight.  Actually this might be a lot of the time (whispered this bit).  BACK TO THE DRAWING Board she is saying.  Well personally speaking, we like having Owner dangling about at home and not falling back in despair at the rude staff this and the poor staff that.  It will all shake down Owner, I says wisely, having a nice tummy tickle and not a care in the wold.  Bar Bertie bubbles that is.  I love it.

Try harder para.  we can hardly move for sport so we are not going to follow a good bike ride thing starting in Leeds we think though Harrogate is mentioned.  Royalty has opened the race which is of course the good Tour De France!!  Then there is the women's Final with nice Miss Bouchard and nice Miss thingy.  It is alright we are going to make an extreme effort and get her name....yes we want the nice one to win it...but this is big news.  WOE said Owner this morn listening up to good Radio 2.  our fave #neymar has been bashed about in the back and is out of the World Cup.  That is not on! shouts Owner in dismay and I have to agree as we loved him.  BRasil won 2 to 1 (sorry Columbia) but what is the cost??  THERE IS A PRICE TAG TO EVERYTHING says owner.  Looks like it has caught up with Neymar I says back.  We love him and hope he feels better soon.

PS para:  alright Owner says it is Petra Kvitova who will lose, I mean play with Eugenie. OOH..

Fresh cartoon time para.  For our good cartoon and to cheer us up is beloved Novak who will surely win out against Daddy Federer tomorrow:
Here we are!!  Owner tried and tried and says it is not brilliant Wonka, but Novak is!!  he is the tops for us, and Owner insists he will win out tomorrow.  GO NOVAK!  she loves him.
Fresh let's do it para.  Yes we know we know, good Petra won out and little Miss Bouchard must be content with taking part.  LIKE ME AND THE RAFFLE goes Owner.  she didn't win that either, and we know it isn't much of a comfort to Eugenie but still.  Now today, Owner has heard of another leaving.  NOT YOU AS WELL she said to the good activities lady where aged parent resides.  It must a week like that and we await news of the third leaving (the good neighbour being first up).  she was fed up, Owner said and that is how I feel!  quote unquote (get me).   Wait and see I advised firmly (yes fair but firmly) something may turn up.  I love it.
Final all pull together para.  Owner hurtled back in late due to going for a nice swim following her 'rounds'.  I needed it she said unpacking lots of food for me and Bertie plus, for a treat, fish and chips.  I did try and take a small portion for myself with a claw but got told off.  STOP IT WOnka she goes.  Now me and Bertie have behaved ourselves during her absence because I have got plenty of zzzzzzz and Bertie shut himself off from the outside wold in the wardrobe.  He did bob out and pinch my good as it gets while I was otherwise occupied (like it) which I told on him straight away.  NAUGHTY Bertie she goes but he has rushed off by then.  Now tonight it is once more official.  NOTHING ON except replays of the start of the Tour de France and good Harry and all snipping a ribbon.  or, Argentina beating Belgium or Holland to beat costa soaps, no films.  I may go to bed early says Owner.  I have glued the metal overflow thing back on, from the bath, so DO NOT GO NEAR IT.  As if!  it fell off last night from the last gluing about 3 to 4 years ago.  Owner fixed it back on with araldite then and it has yet again had a nice smearing of araldite on to fix it for the next few years.  My Dad, she goes, swore by it.  OH, I said. Now like Owner, you may be fixing things, gluing things or just plain fed up, but do not despair as tomorrow is a new day.  yes.  Do go steady good folks out there in the wold wherever you are in it.  Big Love Wonka x