Monday, 21 July 2014

Big bold Mundee

Wonka here.  Howdy good folks out there doing things and having a half decent Mundee, bonjour, chow and hows your father.  Now we had a good night's sleep with just one excursion downstairs.  You will all be wondering if Owner has had any good dreams lately and here it is.  Yes.  First off she dreamt she was viewing a ground floor flat.  When she got inside it was more along the proportions (ooh) of a cathedral stoke warehouse.  But it was alright Wonka she said.  Then she dreamt of some medicine that was yellow.  This folks is also a good sign.  it means relief from worry.  I can hear all your gasps of relief from here!  I love it.

Fresh big and bold para.  What is this all about, this big and bold?  Owner said she is starting this week off on this basis.  OH I says back, and did ask it this means double helpings for me and Bertie?  it means, said Owner, that anything is possible if you put your heart and soul into it.  So it does mean double helpings!  The fact that it continues to be hot and sunny is keeping Owner on this confident setting and you will recall she is not at work and sposed to be taking it steady?  NOT A BIT OF IT.  Every time I went to lay down somewhere Owner was washing, polishing or......going at it with the monster!  so today's cartoon is to show you what I mean:
There we are!!  the secret of relaxing as far as Owner is concerned means doing as many jobs as possible.  I am laying down for a bit of zzzzzzz and Bertie is on the lookout for one of his cupboard hideaways.  when Owner is on a cleaning jive there is no hiding place!  She loves it.
Next big and bold para.   something else is growing at a speedy rate and that is the tomato plant out back.   Owner reports the start of the tomatoes and thinks we will have a bumper crop.  that's an improvement I remarked (get me) on the strawbs.  I KNOW she said back.  We only had about 5 of them and think all the snails and wotnot had the rest.  In keeping with Owner's live and let live policy, (a bit like our peace process within,  works sometimes and others not!) the back yard is alive with every creature moving.  I didn't know, said Owner, that Snails could get that high (on top of the bin).  I must say they are all on double helpings too on the outside.  Bertie would have treble helpings if he could.  Me?  I know when to stop. I love it.
Final think big para.  Owner has noted that following the tennis and the footie, there was golf (A chappie called rory won that) formula one (don't know who won that) and now there is the commonwealth games.  Owner has checked the tv and says after Wednesdee we are faced with the prospect of following the games or going to bed at 7pm.  I elected to follow the games as really I get plenty of zzzzzzzzzz in the daytime and night time is when I get going.  WE'LL SEE she says.  Now tonight there is double Corrie, and Team Tracy is divided!  Tracee is speaking up for her Bruv, Peetah and Mum Diedree.  Murdering and lying Rob is walking a dangerous tightrope says Owner.  And as for Rita she has fallen under that Dennis's spell and upset Norris.  Owner is reluctant to mention Maduh so she won't.  Yes, Enders is on and we have lost the plot there.  The Carters must all be on their hols and Shazzer is on tablets (not before time goes Owner and can she at least have her hair done).  We will try to get through it somehow.  I am going to leave you with this thought.  Once more Owner is invited to go to an art fest thing on Fridee.  SHALL I GO Wonka she goes to me.  This question is laden, yes laden (like that word) with strife.  it means what shall she wear, will her hair go right and what shall she do when she gets there.  As it is only Mundee we are in with a shout.  Now I must dash as Ruggles may be sprawled out on the good back door step.  Do go steady out there in the Wold wherever you are in it.  Big love Wonka x