Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Catnip Wednesdee!

Wonka here.  It could have been woeful wednesdee it could have been what now wednesdee but instead good folks out there all having funny old days it is CATNIP day.  I think, says Owner, I will treat you and bertie to some new toys with that stuff in that makes you roll round on the luxury carpet.  OH I said back thinking about how will Bertie know which toy is which and not pinch mine? you all know how generous and kind I am towards him, but even this has its limits.  AND YOU MUST SHARE WONKA goes Owner.  As if!!  I love it.

Catnip para.  it is funny little bits of grass and bits and why it would drive me crazy I cannot say.  My fave catnip up til now is the blue fish but I am not turning my nose up at more.  What else to report? It is still sunny and warm and did not rain yesterdee (St Swithins Day also Owner's Grandma's birfdee) otherwise it would rain for 40 days and 40 nights. this is a fact says Owner and not just a little saying.  OH I goes back.  Now there are lots of cartoons in the offing and not to mention my toys past present and future (ooer) but I did promise a little photoshoot of the new pink elly and here it is:
There he is our pink Elly!what is that thing to the left you all shout up? That dear folks is a penguin from good daughter and the beak fell off.  Otherwise he is a perfectly good penguin. and to the right is of course Baba's miracle grow Buddleia.  It has sprouted some little blooms and we are proud.   We love it.
Fresh catnip para.  Off Owner trots with me shouting don't forget we are penniless Owner!  she didn't hear me above shouting back to BE GOOD WONKA.  I mean.  Aeons of time later does she fall back in with a bag from PETS ARE US or some such.  Inside was my new toy, it is a lifelike mouse with a tiny opening for the catnip.  I had to restrain myself from going GIVE ME IT NOW, to wait patiently whilst Owner wrestles with the wrapping.  Hours later I had it in a vice like grip and Bertie was given my blue fish.  but guess what?  no that is not it.  Owner receives a parcel in the post and goodness me inside is a new toy for me (alright and Bertie) plus three mice plus a bag of catnip. it is all from our new friend Sebe who lives in sumptuous style in Portsmouth and now I really really love him.  YOU ARE SPOILT goes Owner looking round at a million mice and balls and such like.  We love it.
final catnip para.  Owner also fitted in a trip to aged sibling and is even now nailing down the array (ooer) of outings coming up.  Summer Fayre this, and afternoon tea that....she is saying to herself.  but, I am pleased to report there were no electrical failures today.  to return to the warehouse in the middle of nowhere that is possibly Europe.  (I did ask Owner where Europe was but she didn't hear me above hiding the packets of catnip).  Now last night we somehow got through Enders which we are renaming the CARTER FAMBILY.  With a little bit of Bad Billy on the side and his evil cousin (?) Fil.  but where is Shazzer you all want to know and Masood and Carole's scarfe? Onto Holby and we have sort of lost sight of the storyline here, but good Elliot has had a brain scan and he has one (my little joke).  Jack who is a clever surgeon thing is still in it but what of the babe? and then there was a clutch of trainee apprentice docs all getting drunk and telling on each other.  tonight there is Corrie and Peetah has finally had the finger of doom point his way with good Deidre wailing and sad.  Rita is ignoring Norris and letting thingy back into her affections.  Tomorrow I dare say we will be as penniless as today but who knows....and Rugglesis ear seems to be healing reports Owner.  I did pretend to be interested but was trying to have some zzzzzzzzzzzzwhen Owner said.  Now do go steady out there in the Wold wherever you are in it. Big Love Wonka x   PS If you are a cat can I recommend more catnip and if you are a human, buy some for your cat or a cat.  x