Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Commonwealth Games Wednesdee

Wonka here.  Whether Owner watches them or not, they are here.  They are in Glasgow which is in sconny botland for all you good folks out there scratching your heads and saying 'where is Glasgow?'  Good Ken Bruce from Radio 2 is up there doing his programme live and Owner says I LIKE THAT PART OF IT.  But Owner, I goes, the Games have not officially been started as yet.  I KNOW she goes back.  We read somewhere that the Queen is hoofing it up there to cut the ribbon or shout through a speaker or some such to announce they are to begin.  Owner has hatched a plan for this.  I have decided she shouts up, to paint the living room whilst it is on,  needless to say good folks this means I can look forward to lots of newspaper to play with on the luxury carpet.  Paint tins that I MUST NOT GO NEAR, and Owner getting all hot and bothered.  I love it.

The games are to start para.  We all woke up late and very hot with Owner saying why is it so hot even with the window open.  BUT, when she pulled back the heavy old curtain it was tight shut.  NO WONDER WE ARE BAKING HOT she says.  why was it shut good folks when as that latest nice song is going, the temperature is rising??  Up we all got though and Ruggles was there for his breakfast.  he is now on those trays of pretend chick in jelly and fairly wolfing it down.  His ear?  healing like a dream.  Me?  thanks for asking, well I did check on Bertie once whilst he was in the tray and he immediately went on guard.  he jumped in the bath to escape but as I said to Owner, I wasn't doing anything!!  We love it.

Fun and games para.  Today Owner is to strike off to aged sibling and that will be more than enough for me Wonka she declares (like this word as it reminds me of choc eclaires).  Will you be going via any shops I ventured? (get me)  Just to get some paint brushes she says.  I can only hope good folks out there she doesn't return with a non essential item costing us the fortune we don't have!  I WON'T BRING BACK A SETTEE she jokes back.  No, because you got that yesterdee I whispered back from well behind the door.  So today's good cartoon must dwell on Owner's shopping habits.
There we are!  do you recall Elly watering can?  did not need her.  New books?  already had some?  DVDs?  I am thinking of making this an essential due to the surfeit (blimey) of sport though..... and the Settee you all chirp up?  Owner says this IS an essential because the other one is old and worn.  yes I could have said something back to Owner then but managed not to.  I love it.
Final game on para.  Owner returned with plenty of catfood TICK, a small gift for one of the fab four when they have their next reunion - I have allowed a small TICK for this as it could count as essential gift buying.  ~tissues for aged parent TICK big bag of toffeepopcorn and chocolate GIANT TICK if we are to survive hours of people running jumping swimming biking boxing throwing things etc.  Owner said just about survived aged sibling's visit and only had to take two phone calls to do with it.  How is she coping you all chirp up with your mouths open.  I LOOK AFTER OWNER and make sure she is kept busy with no time to dwell.  I mean first off there is me and Bertie plus Ruggles to see to and NOW we have a visitor on the way, the house must be summer cleaned within an inch of itself.  And tonight, Owner is preparing to repaint the living room walls.  The first attempt if I may say so, was patchy.  PARDON goes Owner when I pointed this out before...of course I did repeat it from behind the door so she may not have heard me.  I had to wait until she noticed it herself.  WONKA she goes, does that look patchy to you???  A tad, I goes back.  She loves me.
Real final games or no games para.  Tonight then, there will be games droning on in the background and we will report up if we get hooked.  Good Corrie is on so we can catch up with the closure of wetherfield library and Emily's sit in, with Rita and conniving Dennis and see how innocent as the day is long (of murder) Peetah is.  We will not, according to Owner be spending anytime on death row with good Trevor Mcdonald where's your trewsers.  We love him.  One final updating point.  You will all be clinging to the edge of your seats about the complaint Owner made about the nuisance calls.  She is still sorting it out and hasn't gone funny as yet.  There is no one who isn't aware of it.  I have emailed TPS, OFFCOM and anyone else I can think of she goes.  Do go steady out there in the Wold good folks wherever you are in it.  Big love Wonka x