Sunday, 6 July 2014

Epic Wimbledon Sundee

Wonka here.  Rain rain go away.....yes it is raining and we had a spot of thunder and lightening too so will the roof be on?  on or off, we will be cheering #novak on to win (sorry daddy Federer) at I pm ish when he trots onto that court.  Bertie can cheer roger on from the depths of the wardrobe but believe me you cannot be heard from in there.  Owner reports dreamt of school yet again, and this time to do with sand.  OH I says.  and there was a baby in it too.  Was it alright I ventured?  I think so, after I picked it up she goes.  I love it.

Fresh epic para.  there is more news about how poor Eugenie was bashed out of the women's final by good Petra.  Owner says the hype had taken over, and what could we expect.  Do you mean, I said, that Miss Bouchard never stood a chance?  YES, goes Owner back.   Publicity is one thing, and expertise is another.  Blimey I said, you sound like a commentator or some such.  I KNOW she says, but it is just common sense.  Can you, I ventured up (like it) say anything about Novak v Roger.... nothing sensible she goes, because my heart belongs to Novak.  Well mine doesn't good folks out there, as you know I am a murraymint champion through and through.  So here comes my unbiased view.  Novak must win, otherwise Owner's mood will plummet.  I love it.

More to come para.  for our good cartoon today we are going to take a look at Baba's Buddleia which started off as a tiny green thing but sprouted up (as if by a miracle) soon after his departure to the animal sanctuary in the sky.  Now this year it is reaching up and out!
Here he is! and we are hoping for blooms and butterflies.  We love you Baba in the sky...
Fresh and epic para.  Footie news is that good Holland burst through just as Owner predicted.  Holland should win this she kept droning on and I must say as a mantra for dropping off zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz it worked pretty well, I slept like a log all the way through it.  Happily there is NO FOOTIE today as there is enough excitement going on.  I may have a day in , she goes to me, and just watch  a load of telly.  Luckily there is something on apart from wall to wall sport, and Casualtee is rescued from last night.  YIPEE she goes.  Rug trots in for breakfast and Tinkers was out soon after.  Is no one feeding you Owner asked her but she wouldn't reply.  We love it.
Final updating epic para.  NOVAK NOVAK NOVAK of course he won it.  took it to wire goes Owner and full dues to that Daddy Federer who even had one set of twins there to shout him on.  So that's Owner happy for the evening.  whew.   And, casualtee from last night is still on.  I may watch the drama goes Owner, called Common, and about a false arrest.  As if we haven't enough drama going on tomorrow Owner must resurrect her poor career which has sunk without a trace.  What do you mean you all gasp up?  I must ring the agency she says to me, all brave and determined.  I may get an early night to prepare myself, either that or hide under the bed all day.... if Owner is to make phone calls and such we need our strength.  Now do go steady yourselves out there in the Wold all exhausted up from tennis matches and wotnot, wherever you are in it.  let us all have a positive constructive week and make a come back from how ever many sets down!  big Love Wonka x