Thursday, 10 July 2014

Ever Loving Thursdee

Wonka here.  Cold and Grey plus soggy here.  Not a July day to remember.  Owner reports is freezing and may yet cave in and turn heating FULL ON.  I may fling myself against the good boiler door to stop this from happening and hastening our downward spiral into T MINUS MONEY!!!!  Pop another Jumper on I says.  It is Summer Wonka, she goes back, I should be trotting about in T Shirts.  I didn't want to tell her that no one is wearing them anymore as it might spoil her mood which is still hovering on being OK.  I love it.

Fresh ever loving para.  Owner has cracked on from the word go getting up at the now unearthly hour of 6 30ish to dash to see someone at the old job.  Were they there I said when she fell back in yes you guessed it right, laden with more supplies.  I mean you would think Owner was going for a ten day cruise round the good Mediterranean not just a hop and skip down to good Portsmouth.....  She wasn't there said Owner but it was alright I spoke to another equally alright person.  So I took a deep breath and said BERTIE has pinched all my food and been in the tray.  BERTIE BOBBLES she shouts up, but he is hiding on the first floor of the upstairs cupboard.  We love him.

More fun filled para.  yes I know it is odd and unusual for Owner to be smiling for too long in a row and specially as Holland are now OUT and ARgyBargy are IN the semi final.  But things have conspired to make Owner smile (list) 1.  a good return.  yesterdee she nearly burst a blood vessel as aged sibling said his very expensive earphones no longer worked.   This meant a RETURN to that huge warehouse somewhere in Europe good folks out there.  BUT, talk about smooth, I LIKE THEIR CUSTOMER SERVICE says Owner, all sorted out and no longer bursting. 2.  the pending (like it) breakaway is even nearer.  3.  she is finally watching ROBOCOP and we love it. Crime does have a new enemy, it is nice Alex in his suit of armour.  and even NOVAK has turned up in it as the 'NOVAK Element' - goodness says Owner I wonder if he knows but seeing as he is getting married this week, it won't be high up on his list.... we love him. 

Your good cartoon para:  we love Radio 2, and miss good Chris Evans who is poorly.  Good Sara has been 'filling in' on his breakfast show and we like her too.  So our cartoon is:

And there we are!  Owner and me are listening up and to the left is good Sara holding the fort and to the right is our fave Chris Evans... in front of us is the old radio cassette and it has things on it plus a mirror (yes that is just one of them....) oh and we have the fruit bowl to the left too.  We love it.
Final loving para.  tonight we have no tennis, no footie but WAIT.  There is celebrity masterchef which can have Owner's full attention.  There are eight left and Gregg says they are all HUNGRY FOR THE TITLE... (he does like his little joke said Owner.)  We have forgotten who they all are except Christopher Biggins if he is still in it.  Erm, is the adventurer in it says Owner.  You're asking me?  zzzzzzzzzz Oh sorry just dropped off for a minute or two.  We will have to watch it to catch up even though it is on at 9 pm past Owner's bedtime.  And before that there is all the run of Enders (oh no) the bairn turned out to be Evers (that is Heather's good folks out there) and why has Shirlee got him we do not know.  Mick's partner has had a birthday and the return of yet another of their brood.  Patrick keeps falling down and pretending nothing is wrong and if you are still awake nothing else happened much.  In Corrie though, Gail has got a giant new TV from good burglar reformed Michael who has easily slotted into street cars.  he learnt the job in 2 seconds.  We love him.  Carling black eyebrows is still a bit wonky and Owen and Anna our fave couple are being nice to each whilst ginger top and thingy are separating.  OH.  Now tomorrow there will a small break in the blog because of Owner's breakaway.  We will have a good cartoon do log in!  Do go steady out there in the Wold good folks wherever you are in it.  Big Love Wonka x