Thursday, 17 July 2014

Getting Straight Thursdee

Wonka here.  It suddenly struck me (and Owner when I mentioned) that anyone new to this good blog will not know how beautiful I look.  That is easily put right goes Owner, as we simply upload a  photo of you.  so today good folks out there hopefully basking in that glorious sunnyshine, here it is. 
There I am!! now when you have all picked yourselves up off the floor saying things like 'I have never seen...' and ' first prize in a....' you will note that there is another portrait of me lurking in the background on the good sideboard.  that is Owner's fave of me.  Bertie bubbles?  he said he doesn't mind not being in the spotlight..Oh alright I didn't ask him, but there is a cartoon on its way of me and Bertie aka martin chuzzlewit (Owner likes names of characters specially if by Charles Dickens)..Barnaby Rudge is another and I have to say it suits him.  So look out for it this week.  We love it.
Getting straight para.  What is this you all shout up at once!  Owner once saw a film called that, Getting Straight, and it had Elliot Gould in it.  Who is that you all wonder?   a brill actor that's who he is and we hope he is still earthbound but if not we still like him.  and in this film drones on Owner (I nearly dropped off zzzzzzzzzzzzz OH!) he is going for an interview with all these intelligent bods sat round a big table asking him complicated questions.  Suddenly he has had enough.  He jumps ON THE TABLE and tells them all what for.  Owner reports it was very funny when she saw it back in the days of Moses etc.  And your point is Owner I ventured helpfully (get me..).  THE POINT IS Wonka she says to me, is that today I can even things up a bit.  She did use the phrase in with one hand and out with the other but I thought she was on about the washing or feeding us or something.  All must even up she continues being deeply philosophical for a Thursdee.  Does this mean more nice toys and food for me and Bertie (yes I included him) and Ruggles too?  Possibly, she says back.  I love her.
More getting straight stuff Para.  so today's cartoon must have nothing to do with this and everything to do with Owner's time out.  specifically on the good Underground which is a warren, a hot warren full of signs and posters that you do not have time to read because everyone is behind you going at speed.

There she is!  laden with bags whilst everyone else is travelling light OR with suitcases on wheels.  I wish she goes, I had taken my little blue pretend croc case on wheels.  I thought I hadn't got much. RIGHT I says back, and I should know because I checked Owner's bags all the time before she went laying in them and being helpful.  I love it.
Fresh nearly straight para.  today, Owner feels better because she reports she has BROKEN EVEN so now she goes, we can start mounting up debt again!  and as you know, she is good at this.  Go steady I shouted after her when she popped out for some shopping.  Who knows what she will come back with?  In the meantime my new toys beckon, or, a bit of shuteye on the sideboard in the sun. zzzzzzzz
 the next thing I hear is I HAD TO BUY THIS Wonka.......and the reason for this compulsive purchase you all gasp up ready to criticise?  How can the economy recover with Owner spending like this you want to know.  But it is alright, it is OK as it was a birthday present.  this is on the BUYING ALLOWED list and not on the NON ESSENTIALS AND WHY DID YOU BUY IT one.  Anyhow it is too hot to question overmuch and why alter Owner's excellent mood setting?  I love it.
Final got straight now what para.  Tonight we will possibly get through Enders if Owner can take it.  the latest strike a light storyline is Linda Carter (Is that her name in it I said and we are still not sure.  does it matter though?) and her newest nephew forgotten his name hairdresser boy.  Owner goes HOW DAFT IS THAT and woke me up.  Again.  and if it isn't them it's Fil whispering up to bad boy Billy.  If we can make it through there is celebrity masterchef to cheer us up with.  Our chief fave is wayne ballet dancer supremo sleep.  So folks out there probably having a half decent day just one word of warning from Owner.  Do not, she says, take any calls from the motoring warehouse plus phones or some such name,  WHY? says I listening up from half way up the stairs.  Because, she goes, THEY ARE HARD SELL.  In our Wold this means, rude and nasty.  So Owner has sent an email to tell them off.  We are even now checking for a polite reply.  We love it.  Now do go steady out there in the Wold wherever you are in it.  Big Love Wonka x