Thursday, 24 July 2014

Gold medal Thursdee

Wonka here.  It is sultry hot and Owner reports a bumper crop of tomatoes that her dear departed Dad and his Dad before him would be proud of.   I HAVE NEVER DONE SO WELL she says.  Well I wouldn't know because as you know good folks out there all roaming round your gardens and allotments and such like, I do not venture out.  Bertie bubbles pops out, sniffs round the back yard and shuffles off to the top of the alleyway (in corrie they have another name for it that we have never heard like ginnel.  ??) and then rushes back to his lair in the dining room.  Ruggles might have noticed the tomato plant as it is near to the luxury shed.  I said it is growing so well due to the tomato food.  I only wish, goes Owner, the new Rose Bush was responding too.  She has fed this with some unspeakable mix of a brown ash like substance that proclaims it is plant food.   No wonder I said, the rose has gone a funny mottled colour.  We love it.

Fresh gold medal para.  Owner happened to turn on the tv and guess what was on, that's right!!! the games.  and we watched as two tandem bikes span round a track and England won a gold medal.  No matter how we try we cannot quite rustle up the same excitement as watching beloved Novak, beloved Ronnie, or the Weasle, or Neymar.  it is not the same.  but last night, as Owner painted the walls x 2, we did have the opening ceremony on and were amazed by John Barrowman in his tartan suit.  he ended up on top of a big crane thing singing his heart out.  But the real scene stealer was the Queen and Prince Phil.  At 88 she is a marvel.  We love her.

Fresh it's a gold para.  today's good cartoon is for all you good folks out there pondering and thinking where is this place?  Owner has put it on the map!
There it is!  and apologies to the rest of the United Kingdom that we missed out (northern Ireland).  Will they mind I spoke up?  Not now I have said sorry goes Owner.  It should be just a little bit over to the left across the good Irish Sea.  Bonny Scotland is at the top of England and used to be divided by a wall.  some of it is still there and was started off by Hadrian a good Roman says Owner.  It just goes to show, we have been joined with this lot, joined with that, battles here and battles there and still we are alright.  I mean you know I am still afraid of those pesky Vikings setting down on North Bay and spending a marauding day at the sea side.  We love it.
Final games off para.  tonight Owner needs a feelgood film she says after a relentless day with aged parent.  It wasn't all day I pointed out helpfully when she trolls back in at one ish.  IT FELT LIKE IT she moans back.  It turns out more work is needed to keep aged parent  on the right side of quality living, and more appointments are afoot (no pun intended!).  Luckily she fitted in a trip to the shops and brought back a good supply of essentials eg catfood, cat biscuits, cat treats and luxury litter.  That's the ticket I went, sprawling out in the sunshine on the sideboard while she unpacks it.  Me and Bertie have been fairly good and maybe it is the heat but he has hardly hissed or swiped at me.  Ruggles is back on tinned Whiskas which is helpful to Owner's budget and our financial straits.  I have checked the two walls for patchy painting and note a vast improvement.  There were only a couple of times when I wanted to go up the wooden step ladders that usually sit outside. but Owner stopped me.  NO! she shouted up.  I did say to her are they still steady Owner as they look a bit lopsided but she was busy saying a prayer to the painting god and may not have heard me.  If Philip Petit or whatever his good name is can balance on a tiny bit of wire I can manage on this small piece of wood.  She loves it.  Now do go steady out there in the Wold good folks wherever you are in it.  big Love Wonka x