Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Impatient Wednesdee

Wonka here.  Owner had to help me out for a moment because I pressed something and the writing went funny.  In keeping with this good day Owner goes FOR GOODNESS SAKE and we had to try and figure out what I had pressed in T minus seconds.  any longer would have been too long for Owner who is on SHORT FUSE setting.  Are you a bit stressed I whispered from well behind the living room door but she didn't hear me above cleaning round our luxury tray for the nth time.  It is a sure sign good folks out there possibly anxious and fretting that when Owner is stressed she will go on a cleaning jive.  Not to mention calling other drivers names (you didn't I said when she told me.  I did she goes back, but luckily she sped off in the opposite direction.)  and when she has finished with the cleaning she may go out back and water things  Now that, Owner, is a soothing activity.  We love it.

Fresh get a move on para.  impatience takes many forms.  I mean I belt downstairs of a morning for my breakfast often overtaking a hissing scowling Bertie Bubbles on the way.  BUT, we then wait what seems like a aeon of time for Owner to dish out our fodder.  In between all of this, we have to take it on the chin that Ruggles is third in line.  of course Owner is last up to drink her tea but I never hear her complain not from behind the closed kitchen door anyway.  Today has been fraught though as Owner went to an appt with aged parent who was then whisked off to hospital.  I WAS EXPECTING IT goes Owner when she trolled back in with thankfully supplies for all of us.  As she was chucking down a nice restoring cup of rosy lea, she says she did get a bit impatient and knocked on the door to the room where a team lead was hiding.. I ACCEPTED THE APOLOGY goes Owner and I thought blimey, as if the boot was on the other foot..... this now means a series of visits to hospital which Owner will say herself she is not good at.  And at the same time as the wall to wall games when really we need wall to wall reality shows to take our minds off.   Did I hear the good BAKE OFF is due to return?  with good Mary Berry telling them how and all baking beauty cakes surely Owner can get into this.  Until then our cartoon sums it all up.
There we are! Owner searching for a good film or soap or book or anything!  me on the giant nest aka settee (soon to be replaced by a modern classy smelling all new bed settee...OOOHHH) and Bertie down the side.  It is on even now and Owner says she can cope with the diving.  Men's diving that is.  We love it.
Final it is over yet para.  last night as promised we did tune into Enders to see if Dot is finally to have the wool unpulled from her eyes.  NO.  Instead Carol's scarfe issued an ultimatum.  You tell she goes, or I will.  next thing Carol's scarfe is redundant and instead we are looking at some curly hair.  and Carol is praying.  I would be praying, goes Owner, if my hair looked like that.  it turns out she (Carol without scarfe) is to go under the knife.  it is all hospitals I whispered up.  I KNOW, IT IS TYPICAL says Owner.  it seem that Charlie who may or may not be Dot's grandson has not told Dot anything.  We then tuned into Holby and Jack who is a single minded career consultant woman who has given her babe over to the Dad, has accepted a promotion even though it is Elliot's old job.  The one with the brain tumour who is lovable and cuddly and would not stab anyone in the back.  We love it.  Tonight to take all minds off anything is Corrie x 1.  Nick, faulty in the head Nick is busy with a bit of criminal damage on Michael's Mr Whippy van and Reetah has told Dennis to GO. Norris is in the clear again!  We may stay up til 10pm or we may creep off to bed early in keeping with Owner's impatient mood setting.  Ruggles has been and gobbled some tea down and had his ear inspected.  it is fine.  Now do go steady out there in the Wold folks wherever you are in it.  Big Love Wonka x