Friday, 18 July 2014

Inspiring Fridee

Wonka here.  first off it is the first, yes the first time since the death of our best Nelson Mandela that it is International Nelson Mandela Day.  what would he want us to do on this good day you all ask yourselves all over the Wold? Owner says this:   Inspire others?  YES.  Help others to love and help each other? YES  Understand that to be free means the freedom of all.  YES.   And here is my little contribution good folks out there all on the edge of your seats.   I must try harder with Bertie Buttons.  Meaning, says Owner, not poking your head in the Narnia cupboard causing him to hiss and growl and possible fight you back out of it.  I have promised to try but have already had a little peak in.  It was alright though he was fast asleep.  I love it.

Fresh inspirational para.  to celebrate this good day, Owner has insisted on a little cartoon of me and Bertie looking like we get on.  And it is also to show the wonderful toys that came our way via Sebe who lives in Portsmouth in luxury surroundings.  (he is the only one).  here it is then:
Here we are! I am sleeping like the angel I am in my amazon box and Bertie has crept up nearby too busy looking at my oops I mean OUR toys to notice I am that close.  there is the monkey stroke lion thing it is on a stick and can bounce around until I capture it.  Next to Bertie are the three stringy mice with big feathers.  We love them.
More inspiring Friday Para.  It started off nice and sunny and hot and Owner notes has gone overcast.  THEY SAID IT WOULD she goes.  OH I says back.  so far today, this has happened.  (list) 1.  not overly inspiring but on the other hand there is a lesson there notes Owner.  She has lost her tweezers down the radiator.  I LOVED THOSE Tweezers she kept saying.  BUT.  The upside to this good folks all imagining what Owner went through to recover the tweezers which was quite simply cleaning the bathroom from top to bottom(there is always an upside)..yes the upside is that she has two more tweezers not in use.  I suppose I will manage she said.  Me?  thanks for asking, trying to get some shut eye because it was a very hot night even with the window opened.  I even stayed in my amazon box whilst Rug trots in for his breakfast.  How is his ear you all chirp up and enquire?  healing up nicely thanks to his healing powers and possibly St Francis overseeing it all.  all that plus having at least three slap up meals a day.  I love him.
Nearly final inspiring para.  the other things to clasp onto for Owner are 2.  her hair has finally gone right.  this happened overnight without any known interference by her or any hair product.  I am thankful for this and even wonder if Bertie sat on it in the night.?  3.  it is Friday and the end of another exhausting week facing up to financial ruin then being alright then wondering what is next etc.  The Summer Fayre which I hate to mention to Owner but had to remind, is next up tomorrow.  There have been dire weather warnings of hail etc and she does wonder if it will strike when they are all outside eating massive sponge cakes and listening to the music man.   You could take your new PAKKAMAC I said helpfully and cannot understand why she looked funny.  final thing which is not overly inspiring but there must be a lesson there somewhere.  The horrid warehouse with phones in it keeps ringing Owner up and what makes this even harder to bear is she has changed the theme on the phone.  That and her new battery means it now rings loud enough to wake the dead and be heard in Europe.  I ONLY HOPE THEY TAKE MY COMPLAINT seriously she says.  Well so do I as when the phone rang from them for the nth time it gave me a rare shock!  We must learn to love them and turn the other cheek Owner I said settling back down for some zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.  she is even now thinking this over!  I love it.
Final get up and go Fridee para.  Last night I have never heard Owner laugh so much and no it was not Enders which is still the Linda Carter story with billyboy thrown in.  Oh and a few items of Lucee's (who is a dead character you recall.  oh and a dead murdered one.  Was it Denise?  this is Owner's latest wandering thoughts not mine.) being thrown into an earthy hole possibly up those allotments.  No it was celebrity masterchef.  The line up this time is par excellence goes Owner.  Wayne as you know is our fave, but somehow fell short and cooked up a nasty looking piece of fish with an equally strange looking green thing to go with it.  The Judges three did not like it.  But Gregg got the giggles and Owner had tears in her eyes!  He did a graceful ballet exit leaving Sophie, Jodie and Charlie.  Who will win it?  tonight will reveal.  to get there we will have to endure more Enders and the fact that nearly everyone in the Square argued with, had a liaison with, was helped by, knew and didn't like Lucee.  it is only a matter of time before Owner gets confused by Teenah's bash on the head and Lucee's.  I am quite clear on it but wouldn't put it past team Tracee to hop over to Enders and finish things off there.  Just a tiny update for you all out there probably wondering and thinking will Owner's latest complaint be sorted?  She has had a response.  IT'S BEEN LOGGED she shouted up, and reports it was taking things seriously.  And 2 mins later did she get another nuisance call!  It's working then I whispered up from the top of the stairs.  24 hours I have to wait she shouts up to me.  I thought she was on about that good tv show with nice Keefer Sutherland.  Now if we haven't inspired you overmuch today do not fear as there is always the good weekend!  Do go steady out there in the Wold good folks wherever you are in it.  Big Love Wonka x