Saturday, 26 July 2014

Last Straw Satdee

Wonka here.  we woke up due to a banging noise out back.  WHAT WAS THAT goes Owner? I mean, it defo wasn't me and to my surprise (and Owner's) it wasn't Bertie Bubbles either.  NO because we were nicely on the bed in our proper stations.  it turns out (we think) to be the former nice neighbour out back.  Well they are not nice if they are going to be banging and noisy at 7 30 on a Satdee morning goes Owner.  so we all got up and got on with it.  At this point dear folks out there, all wondering and such, Owner was STILL ALRIGHT.  I love it.

Last straw para.   The morning passed nicely with Owner doing this and doing that and even looking ahead to holidays (that means worrying about me and Bertie and Ruggles) and doing some sums. (not good.)  To cheer us up first thing Tinkers was out back and Ruggles was too.  they like each other!  That is a first for Ruggles, who even hissed at Owner this morning by accident.  THAT SAYS ALL she moans.  The thing is though, it did seem to pave the way for a fraught yes fraught day.  Last night you all chirp up and want to know?  She loved it.  it was all very cultured and creative and she will go again.  She even read a story out!  What story you all say back.  One you haven't heard of.  Owner says was a ghost story that happened to her a million years ago in the good city of Hull.  OOER.   But that was last night and this is today.  Off she goes on her rounds and thankfully, I got some much needed zzzzzzzzz on the luxury carpet in a sunny spot.  And that good folks is our photoshoot:

There I am!!  we have another of Bertie Bubbles under the table but I said what about me and owner said oh alright then.  Now to my left is the carrier bag with lots more toys in.  behind that is my fave Buddhism book with lots of calming pictures in and just near my foot is an old yellow mousey.  and that dangling thing over to the right is the newest monkey toy!  Of course just by me is the delux toy that any cat would be glad of.  it was my Christmas Present and Sebe has one too.  I love it.
Final final straw para.  I noticed Owner was on last straw setting.  it turns out aged sibling has been talked into setting up a direct debit with a strange company for a service he does not need.  This good folks has overtaken the complaint Owner was making about the nuisance calls.  Due to her terrier like nature (oh yes!) these have stopped.  Now, she has a new task and a new company to complain to.  To top it off she had to do the double whammy and visit aged parent.  No wonder Owner is muttering things like THAT'S IT and WHAT NEXT etc.  Naturally I have been my usual cheery self saying things like Bertie did that! and I'm starving! and I thought you were never coming home!  This didn't work, so I have busied myself checking tonight's tv.  I may or may not warn Owner that it is wall to wall commonwealth games.  Even aged parent has the 24 news on in preference to the games.  No what is needed is a good strong film and we do have a nice selection building up.  There is LAST VEGAS, there is The Bucket List (although this could remind Owner of THE END RUN which is not cheery)  or there is the 'comedy of the year' Alpha Papa with Alan Partridge.  it says this is 'excruciatingly funny'.  If Steve Coogan cannot make Owner laugh I rest my paws and everything.  Tomorrow good folks will be a brighter and better day and if it isn't I'll be in the back of the wardrobe with Bertie!!  Do go steady out there in the Wold folks wherever you are in it.  The weekend is here and if you are having a final straw day hold on for tomorrow like us.  big Love Wonka x