Thursday, 31 July 2014

Long Day Thursdee

Wonka here.  Me?  thanks for asking, I am as fresh as a daisy and ready for just about anything.  Alright, maybe tone that down a bit but why Owner is on about feeling drained and edgy.  What's to do I wondered up?  First up did Bertie Bubbles have another worming yesterdee.  I did say to Owner, OWNER DO YOU HAVE TO DO THAT TODAY (Yesterdee)??  it is on my mind to do it, she goes back.  I ask you, of all the things to do and then does she spend half the night worrying that Bertie has licked the place where the dose was administered (like this good word).  he cannot twist his neck that far I goes.  Did she listen up?  NO.  And if she isn't worrying about that she is on Gull Watch.  Now you all know this my fave job and I cannot tell you how exciting it is when those baby tweeny gulls all bounce up and down along the chimney tops.  NOT SO for Owner.  What if this she goes, and what if that!  I put it down to (list) 1.  Stress 2.  anxiety and 3.  both of them.  I love it.

Fresh and long day para.  yes it has been a long day for Owner who insisted on a long drive to visit Aged parent who is now ensconced (Owner says this is a word) in hospital.  I said I would hold the fort and keep Bertie in check and the minute she returned I told on him.  After a giant tummy tickle, food all round, more food, feeding Ruggles and then attending to the luxury trays I did ask her how the visit went.  IT WAS DRAINING she says.  I mean all it is good folks is popping to the side of a bed and chatting for an hour or so and I cannot see the problem but then I am a good visitor and love a visit!  I have rallied round and even checked tonight's telly and dare not advise that all I can see is games games and more games.  Even good Prince Harry was on our fave breakfast show Radio 2 on about these invictus games.  MORE GAMES goes Owner.  I love it.

More lengthy day para.  now for our good cartoon Owner has insisted yes she has, that me and Bertie are put to shame.  HOW SO you all gasp up.  By uploading a nice photo of the luxury cat scratcher that we have never used.
There it is!  it has been in every room in the house to tempt us to use it.  but not a look in.  We prefer the luxury carpet, Owner's treasured chest of drawers (Golly started it to get Owner up in the morning and it does work!) the linen basket and the old settee.  What you all wonder will happen when the new and best bed settee arrives on Mundee. I am expecting a lot of shouting up.  I love it.
Last long day para.  last night we found Corrie x 1 and as Owner thought, Reetah finally believes Norris and throws Dennis out of the Kabin!!  But, Gail has finished it with Michael our ex offender and icecream vendor in the making.  How I says, can she finish what isn't even started.  I  KNOW says Owner.  Madeh is still in it and resurrected as a character who gets on well with boys so is Simon's best friend now.  His Dad is Peetah who is languishing (Love these new words) in jail for a murder he did not do.  We are loving it.  tonight I am unsure whether to let Owner watch Enders as the storylines are bordering on the silly side.  What with Carol praying, Dot in a fairytale land, and the family in the Vic all rallying round it's dark brood including that strange aunty and Dean.  Can it get any more ridiculous goes Owner who wants Masood to have a bigger part.  Now it is time as you know for me to get on and check for Bertie (upstairs cupboard, ground floor) check for Rug. (had teatime but is calling earlier and earlier for supper) and then there is Gull Watch.  Now tomorrow is a new day for us all out there in the wold possibly having long days like Owner has just done and it is the first of August.  That, says Owner is THE SILLY SEASON.  Now do go steady out there in the Wold wherever you are in it.  Big Love Wonka x