Sunday, 13 July 2014

Oh Rio! Sundee

Wonka here.  thankfully good folks out there all sweltering away if it is hot and wrapping up warm if not (ooh that rhymed)  Owner has returned and reports thus:  I HAD A FAB TIME IN PORTSMOUTH!  did you bring me anything back I ventured.... I took a photo of a Portsmouth seagull specially for you Wonka she goes back.  I have been crushed in a cuddle and kissed until I nearly lashed out with a claw...  I love it.

Fresh down in Rio, we have loved it para.  Everything you read, says Owner, is about how gripping and lively this World Cup has been.  I reckon it is because we have followed it for the first time ever.  And now it is the end. the grand finale, the last bit of footie.  Owner says she managed to watch a little bit of the match last night and was torn between good Brasil the hosts you know, and her fave Hollande.  Those robbens won out though.  good Gary Linneker is talking it all up and says it is a pulsating nation. (Brasil)   Blimey!  will we watch the final?? YES WE WILL!!  and we are true to good beeb one even though our best commentator ever, who was so cool we loved him on sight, good Thierry Henri has vanished with no known explanation (?) and we are left with Rio - who we like as he is straight talking and such like, and two others.  they are probably famous too.  they all look very serious so far in.  We love it.

Short and sweet Rio cartoon para:  yes, in celebration of this wonderful and exciting event that has brought lots of footie teams together, tested out our geography, our flag knowledge, our allegiances and in mine and Owner's cases, our entire knowledge of football.  it is still the size of a postage stamp and we have loved every kicking, scoring, refereeing, commentating, shouting, biting and diving minute!!
The Grande Finale!!  the Redeemer looks this wold cup has been full of surprises and Owner says (here it comes her final prediction!) the winners of this match will be a that's right Germany should win but we will root for the Argy Bargies........We love it.
Final Rio para.  Did Owner get up to much you all say, wondering how her breakaway went?  she navigated the underground, and now knows (list) 1.  the Victoria line 2.  The Bakerloo line 3.  Waterloo station. 4.  How much change you need for the loo.  Her friends took her on a grand tour of Portsmouth and there will be a proper photoshoot tmro for all you folks out there bursting to know what is there.  Did you know Wonka, she says to me, that Peter Sellers was born there over a Chinese Takeaway?  NO I said back.  I did know that there are lots of ships and navy things though.  I am brimming with history she kept up and I did try to listen above waiting for some extra treats now she is home. sure enough, I have now had an extra bowl of pretend chicken and some of those fancy felix biscuits.  Owner has started to tell me all about her Friend's cat called Sebe but I AM NOT LISTENING!  me? thanks for asking, I have looked after the entire house, checked on Bertie and told on him the minute Owner fell back in the door.  Rug has been in a scrap and hurt his ear so we are on slight Ruggles watch.  But mostly I am looking forward to an evening of zzzzzz on the giant nest aka the settee with Owner shouting up for a GOAL!  good luck to both sides!  Now do go steady out there in the Wold wherever you are in it, and get ready for the week ahead which we do hope will be good for us all.  Big Love Wonka x