Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Repair Man cometh Tuesdee

Wonka here.  OH HOW LOVELY goes Owner early in the morning, woken up not by US but by that silly noise her out of date wants changing operating out of fear mobile makes when it needs charging up for the nth time.  BLUEEP it goes.  and she noticed me laying nicely and not too far away, Bertie bobbins.  You see, we can do it!!  she loves it.

Fresh all repairs done now para.  Blimey you all gasp, a repair man that not only comes to you on the allotted day and TIME SLOT, but does the job too??  Owner reports thus:  yes, he turned up after ringing me to warn me.  (this is so an imaginary klaxon noise goes off with T minus 3000 seconds for me and Bertie to get upstairs and safe from any repairing monsters.  we did it.  don't fear.)  then goes Owner, he knocks nicely on the door not too loudly and I am awarding him ten out of ten for manners (this good folks out there all open mouthed with amazement, is unprecedented!) then she finishes up zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz sorry! just dropped off for a minute - and then good folks did he set to and mend the poor oven.  it has a (list) 1.  new element and 2.  new thermostat.  We had to suffer no electric while it was being healed but did not miss our fave Radio 2, good Ken Bruce and POPMASTER.  Owner usually gets a couple right scoring between 3 - 9 points.  I am aiming to get her on it one day once we have increased the score to 12 otherwise I will die of embarrassment listening and so will Bertie.  Ruggles does not tune in, he is too busy living rough.  We love it.

Fresh all repairs nicely and done with para.  now yesterdee Owner trip trapped out and had a treat.  Owner and TREAT in the same sentence, has the Wold gone mad you all wonder.  Every so often Owner goes to a fast food outlet that we all know because it has taken over the Wold, and has a veggie feastie thing with salty chips and the strongest coffee to wash it down.  No wonder she is revved up when she falls back in the good front door with all that salt and sugar.  While I was eating it, she reports, outside as goodness me it was warm and sunny, a blackbird flew up and flew off again with a chip.  Owner loves blackbirds (no comment.  yes of course I love them too) and here follows a birdie cartoon:
There it is pinching a chip!! I am safe at home as usual full of hope and never giving up on Owner...we love it.
Final pleased the repair is all done para.  Now last night Owner enjoyed a full length Corrie.  And, it centred on good Gail and her new interest burglar reformed we hope Michael aka Les Dennis.  We are trying to take this storyline seriously and not laugh at Michael who is tagged for more offending continuity and in case the entire underwold shouts up and says HE WOULD BE TAGGED (in real life).  We love it.  Also you will be pleased to hear and suffering from NO FOOTIE NEWS we got to the end of the France match, je t'adore ZUT ALORS etc they won it feet down and even know the good Germans won their little match too.  Tonight, Owner has this prediction to make.  Switzerland will go down and the U S of A will win their match.  Why are you so confident I said to Owner, and she reckons she knows from the dream she had this morning.  What when you were asleep or awake I goes, from well behind the dining room door.  CHEEKY Wonka she called me, but of course I was only joking and Owner does dream things that come true.  Now not only was I very good in the night (with Bertie) but I have improved my manners in the morning too.  Ruggles sped in, chomped half my breakfast that I had until then not taken any interest in, and had some more on top.  Have I moaned up or grumbled??  well just a tiny bit, and had a big tummy tickle to put things right.  I love it.
Real final para.  You will want to know about good Wimbledon and Daddy Federer is out there doing his thing today along with a lot of the women but not our faves... (Princess Bouchard for a start off).  but the real game of the day is Owner's second best fave and that is Rafa busy striking it out against Kyrgious (we think it is and sorry it not!!) now this Kyrie thingy is only 19 yes, and he is making a bit of a splash.  Will it carry him through....Owner says (#thumbnail) that expertise and experience will OUT.  Oh I goes back.  Now alongside all the sporty doings and dibbings (my word and I like it, Owner has found time to enter a raffle, run by the one and only #marionkeyes....it will all go into a salad spinner of happiness.  what is that you all gasp up in admiration and such.  it is a roundish woodenish box with a slot in the top and all the names go in it an SPIN round til a winner is picked.  It's the entering that's important goes Owner.  that's not what you said earlier I whispered from the living room, miles from where Owner was.... Oh and aged parent had a fleeting visit.  and?  you all wonder....she was holding forth at a resident's meeting.  THANK YOU WOLD goes Owner when she fell back in.  Now do go steady out there in the Wold wherever you are in it.  Big Love Wonka x