Monday, 28 July 2014

Searing hot Mundee

Wonka here.  once again dear folks out there all probably as hot under the collar and saying things like -  my hair goes flat in hot weather (Owner) and I look fat in that (Owner) and finally, those sunglasses leave a red mark on my nose (again Owner) - it is Hot Hot Hot!!  yes another sleepless night and laying there like a beached sardine.  But on no account must we complain.  there have been reports of flash flooding and hailstones in the South East and we do not want that here.  NO.  We love it.

Searing hot para.  of course Owner caved in (no pun intended, as we were watching a film called Cave in or some such.  they were all rescued after swimming miles under water with just a spindly old rope to hold onto, and popping up right next to the rescue shuttle. yes) and watched some of the swimming last night all to do with those relentless commonwealth games.  The Aussies were hammering down the lanes but we did manage a couple of medals.  Good Clare Balding was chatting away and for at least ten minutes Owner was spellbound.  We are going to bed too early I said, and it is no wonder we are awake half way through the night.  I will try my hardest, said Owner to stay up til ten.  Right I goes back.  I mean Bertie Bubbles he doesn't know if it is day or night if you ask me, and me? thanks for asking, nighttime is my daytime.  I love it.

boiling hot para.  Owner said she has had a stressful day and is glad it is nearly over.  First off did she sort out the company that got aged sibling to set up a direct debit for a service he does not need or want.  SORTED, Tick. Second off, she bought two things on impulse and one of them is alright Half a tick.  third off, when she parked up in town did a woman tell her 'parking is suspended!'  Big Tick - Owner says she couldn't have been more surprised if the woman had told her the World had come to a full stop.  A big plus is that Owner did a small shopping and it was all essentials (food and that for us) Big Tick.  For our good cartoon today, Owner has a sketch of me and Bertie Bubbles (I said this was alright as I look especially bonny in it and you can't hardly see Bertie).
There I am over to the right in my amazon box and down the bottom corner is the new monkey toy.  Yes there on the left is Bertie, with a new mousey to his left.  What is that red thing you all say?  that was Golly's Christmas stocking toy which he never ever played with but I did and below that is the blue catnip fish.  We love it.
Final searing hot para.  tonight we have beloved Corrie X 2 and Enders which is not beloved x 1.  In Corrie we have caught up and expect it to centre on Rita and neer do well Dennis.  Norris is not in favour, but will he be right for a change?? leeane is still set on leaving bashed on the head and gone funny Nick for that other chappie whose name escapes us, and Owen and Anna are bankrupt.  this storyline isn't too much of a comfort and I may have to divert Owner's attention, but I'm sure Enders and it's brownies fuelled by drugs and taken to school by one of Beeanchor's brood will do the trick.  If not, shazzer's hairdo will.  Things to report so far are that Owner has started an application form and may finish it.  I THINK I COULD DO THAT JOB she goes.  I mean I think owner can do most jobs and all it is IS CONDFIDENCE I keep telling her.  I am as you know very confident myself.  I'm confident that it is teatime and we will need feeding!! my little joke and luckily Owner did not hear me above checking the whiskas tins and levels of biscuits.  Still enough there to feed the local rspca shelter.  Talking of which, Owner has discovered that if you find any wildlife in distress the rspca tell you to speak to your local vets.  We have two vets, the one which I had to go to once (cat flu. yes) and the other one where good Ruggles was put right.  Talking of which he is due and I must station myself at the bay window to spy him.   Now do go steady out there in the Wold wherever you are in it.  Big Love Wonka x