Sunday, 27 July 2014

Siesta Sundee

Wonka here.  one of my fave philosophies (get me) of life is when in doubt, or trouble, or just one giant failure after another one (sound like you?  this our everyday life folks!!) get some shut eye!!  Sleep dear folks out there all going around with our heads down, thinking why am I not getting anywhere, and where is that success that is happening to everyone else?  well a little bit of zzzzz, a small nap, a little rest from the daily grind will soon have you back to normal and shouting I CAN DO IT.  Well alright perhaps not as fizzed up and raring to go as me but MORE THE TICKET.  I can highly recommend a soothing siesta to calm those worrywarts.  Owner?  thankfully took my advice and we all laid there nice as you like while the Wold got on with it.  We loved it.

Fresh from our siesta para.  Another sultry and sticky night folks with Owner going through every worst case scenario and then inventing some more.  Why not have a cup of tea and a read she says kindly to anyone else she knows NOT SLEEPING.  ?.  That was a poor night Wonka she goes when we all stagger up this good morning.  me? thanks for asking, slept like a dream.  Rugtug was waiting out back for his whiskas and me and Bertie tucked into ours.  We Will have a better day announces Owner.  One thing that is better is that Owner's daughter, my Aunty is coming to look after us all while Owner has her grand reunion with the others making it the Fab Four.  I have told Bertie he will love our Aunty but he was too busy licking up the last morsel of Sheba to hear me.  Owner has already purchased a beach towel for the occasion.  INCASE SHE WANTS TO LAY ON THE BEACH she goes.  You will all worry whether we could afford it or not and the answer is a swift NO.  It is a big soft turquoise blue and green with dolphins towel.  We love it.

More Siestas for all of us para.  yesterdee I mentioned that Owner told a story to the little group of creative people all gathered up to tell their stories and poems and one of them played a guitar.  he played a version of Jimi Hendrix all along the watchtower and Owner reports it was SPOT ON.   Owner's story was a true ghost story set in the old town of Hull and it all happened at the top of chapel lane where it meets with the High street.  Is that near to the Humber river and the quayside I goes?  YES she said back.  The streets are cobbled and some of the buildings are so old they are falling down a bit.  it is Owner's fave bit of Hull and has lots of history.  Henry the eighth had a fort there too and Owner thinks there was a palace opposite St Mary's church lowgate.  Blimey I said.  so for today's good photoshoot is the side of St Mary's church.  And this goes Owner, is where she had her ghostly experience.

There it is!  Owner was going up this lane to the left when the timeshift happened and she was in another century!  she thinks it was the 18th or early 19th.  and something murderous was just around the corner.....What was it I prompted? (get me)  I felt it was a coach travelling out of the High Street and thundering along the cobbles but under attack!  it was a vivid and intense experience and Owner and her friend legged it in the opposite direction!  Haunted Hull has many instances of ghostly apparitions says Owner and they are all around this area.  She loves it.
Final non ghostly para.  As you know there is still nothing on except the commonwealth games and people going Glasgow this and Glasgow that.  Owner has lived there and knows it is an alright place to be but thinks it is all a bit over the top.  I am watching this she goes.  time and time again have I said what is this film we are watching and it is always on Channel five with a storyline Bertie could have written.  Instead we are on Movie Mix and all are trapped down a mine.  There is lots of 'I am in charge here' and 'I know these people they are my brothers' and ' I know this mine and I am going to rescue all!'  Owner says it will do us for now and while she makes our tea.   One of the trapped miners is making jokes and talking about doing the shopping and he may as well have I AM A DEAD CHARACTER on his forehead goes Owner.  I am more positive and say it will be the one who cannot breath right now is the one to go first.  We may be forced to watch another film tonight as somehow we got through the funny film with Steve Coogan and Owner hardly laughed once.  that may not have been down to the film I ventured.  I PREFER Simon Pegg she goes.  We did like Wold's End and can highly recommend it.  So another week ahead, with more games in it (I checked.  sorry Owner)  In the meantime they are still drilling down to the mine and saying 'I should have listened to you...'  oh there is a grandson down the mine to tug our heartstrings.  time to check on Ruggles!  Do go steady out there in the Wold wherever you are in it, and let us all have a fine week ahead.  Big Love Wonka x