Saturday, 19 July 2014

Summer Fayre Satdee

Wonka here.  Strange but true, whilst Owner went on a giant worry wart that lasted past midnight and involved putting lights on, jotting things down on a calendar (we have about ten or more of these) and biting her pen, me and Bertie settled down nicely.  Thank goodness goes Owner, you two are not scrapping.  As you all know it is not me it is Bertie that starts it but I was pleased anyway.  ARE YOU ALRIGHT Owner I says.  I feel better, she goes, now I've made a list.  This is called organising thoughts good folks out there all wondering why we need to make lists in the middle of the ni hi hight.  In this house, we do and we love it.

Fresh summery para.  What with all this admin in the early hours did we all zzzzzzzzzzzz til gone 8 o clock.  And guess who was waiting out back, yes Rugglesis.  And this is where it all fell down, our little peace process.  Yes it looked like we were best chums UNTIL Bertie sat in the doorway to the dining room whilst I was in the kitchen and lashed out at me! A small scrap ensued (nice use of word) and we both got told off.  I Mean!  and blow me down if I didn't try and pop into the kitchen to sniff Rugglesis tail or what there is of it and get whisked out.  and then I did let a small hiss out by accident and got told off again.  And that good folks was our breakfast scenario!  Yes Tinkers was sighted a bit later on and is now scoffing biscuits in the luxury shed.  We love it.

Fresh Summer Fayre update para.  we have a nice photoshoot of something Owner would not mind seeing at a Summer Fayre.  As it goes, this was a present from her friend in Portsmouth (Sebe's good Owner) and it is homemade.
There it is!  and Owner is already lashing into it saying things like 'you can't get this in the shops Wonka' and 'mmmmm' and 'what a lovely jar and lid'.  She loves it.
Final summer Fayre para.  Have you all guessed it out there possibly going along to little fayres and buying things?  it was rained off and was inside.  YOU CANNOT HAVE A FAYRE INSIDE moaned Owner when she fell back in later on.  According to Owner, the entire home was crammed into the dining room all chomping the spread on the table.  it was hot, it was noisy and the music man was playing red red wine.  Aged parent wisely stayed in her room.  For once Wonka, reports Owner, I am not sorry to miss it.  So I didn't have to hide under the bed at all!  And instead I got made a big fuss off!  Bertie bubbles got another reprimand (OOH) for gobbling up my tea plus his own.  So all's well really.  There is plenty of time Owner, I goes, for another Summer Fayre outside.  I KNOW she said back.  We love it.
Real Final too long at the Fayre para.   Last night we loved Celebrity Masterchef and they all stepped up to the plate.  Our fave won it though, good Sophie. Owner said Gregg and John would make her the winner because she GREW IN CONFIDENCE.  We won't forget Wayne either, and think a little show with him and Mr Biggins in it would fetch a large audience.  Tonight there is nothing on.  No footie, no tennis, and no Casualtee.  Instead there is some concert in Edinburgh.   I'm not watching that says Owner.  We do have a dvd in waiting though, and it is called LAS VEGAS.  It says it is Hollywood legends at their comic best' and could live up to this even.  It can't be worse says Owner than that silly breaking the Safe quiz show with Nick Nowles.  Or I said that new sport thing.  I did wonder why we were watching it but Owner said we cannot under any circumstances watch you are being framed.  OH I  said back.  Now do go steady out there in the Wold wherever you are in it.  big love Wonka x