Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Tough it out Tuesdee

Wonka here.  We all slept like logs.  How come you all gasp up suffering from poor night's sleep and feeling a tad jealous.  If I knew that goes Owner, I would market it asap.  As it happens we just fell into nice sleeps woke up thought I DON'T HAVE TO GET UP for anything (but NOT no one wants me...that would mean feeling sorry for ourselves) and finally got up at 9am.  This is unheard of for Owner who has to be up at the crack of dawn INCASE.  and the upshot is Owner is full of the joys and ready for some action.  She may even search for another job.  I said MAY.  Now this morning without any provocation (Owner reckons is best word) Bertie struck out at me and got told off.  Me?  thanks for asking, I survived that attack and did not enjoy the bear hug that Owner insisted on giving me to make sure I was alright.  I love it.

Fresh ready to face the wold para.  this is the strange thing about being happy as I have noticed when all the chips are down and we have our good backs up against the wall does Owner suddenly turn onto happy setting.  I put this down to fear of success and the comfort that having failed yet again to earn massive amounts in a job that you love and where you are 100% valued, brings.  I MUST LIKE FAILING she announced to no one there.  Now I was only half listening to all of this because I am on baby seagull watch.  any day now they will trip trap out of their hideaway amongst the good chimney tops and totter around the roofs.  Owner cannot stand this bit as they must learn to stand up, lay down and of course fly.  Some of those babies make it, and some don't.  It is the Circle of Life Owner I said, we are all in it.  But she didn't hear me above boiling the steam engine aka kettle for a good strong cup of builders tea.  I love it.

Can we make it yes we can Para.  now for today's super cartoon, it is Owner having a good old worry wart.  I say it is best to get this out of the way before the tide turns.  Where Owner would be without me to guide I wonder.....
There we are!! A typical worry jive and you will see over to the right there is Bertie with not a care in the Wold whilst me and mousey are full of love and care.. I love it.
Still facing up para.  I have to say I was ready for some zzzzzzzzzz by the time Owner said a visit to aged parent was on the cards.  Don't forget more supplies for us I shouted up but she didn't hear me above checking the front door was closed against those pesky Viking raiders.  they may yet turn up and I am ready with several hiding places.  I will have to fight hard not to give up Bertie but I will try.  Years later when she fell back in with enough supplies to feed an army of stray cats, domestic cats with a bit left over, I noted she was on STRESSED SEtting.  How was your visit I enquired, from half way up the stairs.  EMOTIONAL she snaps back.  It turns out aged parent was in a nice mood which always sets Owner off.  it is only bearable when aged parent is being annoying and moaning.  It's all about barriers I said helpfully.  OH YES she mutters up going on about coping, and legs and bandages and such like.  I did ask when tea was going to be ready from near the top of the stairs and luckily Owner did shout up to me YOUR TEA IS READY Wonka.  She didn't need to shout to Bertie he was already there.  he is not sensitive to Owner's moods and I say this will hold him back rather.  I love it.
Final toughed out para.  Tonight we have a semi final with Brasil v Germany and all say Germany will win it.  me and Owner want Brasil to win it though (soz Germany) and if pressed we say 2 - 1.  Goodness me I do hope we can watch a little something to take our minds off aged parents, lack of jobs and possible financial ruin.  Holby City you all gasp up??  NOT ON.  OH NO NOT ENders you all shout loud as you can.  YES that is all there is to turn the tide of despair in this house. It is alright though as even Carol's scarf and new drug dealing ways cannot tip the balance, BUT Mick's growing family could and you will not guess it but Shirlee has turned up with a new family member and it is a little person.  I rest my paws and everything good folks out there mostly enjoying better telly than us.  Now Ruggles may well be on the good door step waiting for a mammoth tea and he is not to know we are facing financial ruin so that is alright I let him off.  Bertie is eating for ingerland and cannot stop so I let him off too.   Now do go steady out there in the Wold wherever you are in it.  big Love Wonka x