Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Try again Tuesdee

Wonka here.  A slight improvement on the sleep front.  Owner has finished Mr Mercedes (Stephen King) and the dark tale has played out to its grand finale.  I AM SURE I piped up, that reading that before you go to sleep goes against all healthy sleep lectures.  YOU ARE PROBABLY RIGHT she says back, and adds this:  there is a new book out in November I cannot wait Wonka!  Oh yes, to go with the dark damp days of November we will have another horror stroke thriller to keep Owner up all night looking under the bed (it is alright though it is just me under there) checking the wardrobe ( Bertie Bubbles in there who can be a bit frightening I admit) and furthermore she says this:  and to cap it all, my most fave author #Marionkeyes who we love a heck of a lot has her new book out then too.  It dunt get better as dear Gregg and John are wont to say in masterchef.  We love it and we love them.

Try again para.  What is all this you shout up?  Owner does like to give in at the drop of a hat.  THAT'S IT she moans up.  or, I'VE HAD ENOUGH!  Honestly you'd think she was entered into a marathon, or one of those impossible tencathlon things where they have to run and swim and bike and jump and throw things to win a medal.  but oh no.  all that is required is a small weekly income to keep us all this side of poverty and financial ruin.  have you, I ventured, finished that application?  NO she admits straight away.  thanks to me, it is now SUBMITTED.  does she feel better?  Do you know Wonka, she says to me once she had pressed SEND, I feel a bit motivated.  The relief folks out there is tremendous.  I mean, me and Bertie deserve our luxury lifestyle and even good Ruggles deserves his daily whiskas.  More than this, has she been contacted on one of those social media sites for some more work.  At this rate we will be on triple rations!  we love it.

Very trying para.  Small weather report.  Still hot, still sweltering though overcast.  I have had to lay still of course and so has Bertie.  but get this!  I noticed Owner was making the bed and immediately laid on it to help.  If nothing else it made her laugh and there is a good cartoon as a result!

There I am!  at the side of the bed enjoying a little zzzzzzzzzz.  those strange things on the carpet are Owner's new and fave flipflops.  she loves them.

final very trying para.  last night Owner's target was 10 pm games or no games and tonight we can watch Enders as a new and fairly interesting storyline has popped up!  At long last, the trickery that dot has been surrounded by may end.  No longer will she be thinking her poor effort of a son (Nick - yes another Nick!!) is dead and gorn.  NO!  and the chappie who says he is an undercover policeman (I mean) and her grandson, well is he about to be....Sprung!!! it takes the pressure of the drug ridden and growing family in the Queen Vic plus Shazzer's hairdo.  She was last seen stocking up the bottles of booze in her little bar which it turns out is just a front for Fil's operations.  I have high hopes this will keep Owner occupied and not going on a giant worrywart.  and then folks out there thinking will she tune into the games, there is Holby city where nice Elliot consultant has had a brain tumour and another doctor is having a baby to one of the other doctors, yes.  if, good folks, all this fails we will certainly tune in to the games and hope it is not more people on tandems spinning round a track.  The Aussies are top of the medals list and we were 6th at the last count.  I have made Owner put it on and there is some nice gymnastics. THAT WILL DO FOR NOW she goes.  Now Ruggles is busy calling three times a day and Tinkers called this morning.  she was offered biscuits in the shed.  We love her. Now do go steady out there in the Wold wherever you are in it.  Big Love Wonka x