Wednesday, 2 July 2014

What what? Wednesdee

Wonka here.  Every so often (says Owner) you get a day that turns it all round and whacks you in the face.  is it a wake up call I ventured (rather proud of myself for that one I must say!).  Sort of she said back.  First off, we are back dreaming in the schools.  if Owner is not there when she's awake she makes sure to be there when she's asleep.  She loves it.

Fresh what now para.  A phone call starts it all off.  What now goes Owner taking the call, I said don't bother was this nice cheery assistant to tell Owner she will be repaid a miniscule amount of mispaid thingymegig and that they will take half of that.  I ASK YOU she goes.  There goes her round the wold luxury cruise.  There goes anykind of luxury and once more I must tell Owner to go steady on the good credit card.  Next annoying in your face thing is the maze like warehouse come supermarket where there lurks a weird shop assistant (allegedly I have been told to say.  It is a matter of opinion but in every maze there usually lurks something horrid) well did he rear up in the self service area when he had been nicely tethered to a till.  DID YOU COPE I said to Owner when she relayed it all to me later on.  I smiled and carried on with my purchasing she reports up.  Yes I have said to Owner do not go into the maze like one go to the other one where they are supposed to help you.... I might do she says.  I love it. 

Next what the heck para.  following this she sets off to see aged sibling and this passes off nicely even managing to fit in the tennis matches.  WHAT matches you all gasp up...well unless you live in a little cave without recourse (get me) to any media whatsoever, you have heard the news.  Has the Wold gone mad you all say?  one minute there is Rafa, next there is a wiry Greek stroke Aussie wowing the crowds and so too with nice Murray mint.  Nice Grigor we think from Bulgaria has seen him off.  Owner thinks William and Kate put the Jonah on.  OH I said.  If beloved Novak goes out I will have to hide under the bed.  Talking of which Bertie bobbles has been up above in the wardrobe lair all day.  Usually he is down here eating for engerland.  HE HAD BETTER NOT BE ILL goes Owner, but it is that sort of a day.  Now Ruggles called this morning while Owner was busy hanging washing out and he laid down in the yard in the sunshine.  We love you teddy bear ruggles and here is our cartoon for the day:
Here he is!  enjoying the sun in the good back yard.  our ruggles.
Final go away Wold para.  So you will also know that the good US of A did not crash through but bowed out to Belgium.  they won our hearts goes Owner.  And the goalie was good too.  There is no footie on til Fridee and I wonder if this has put Owner off her stroke.  I AM WORRIED about the future she says.  Aren't we all I murmered back from the safety of the living room.  Sufficient to the day I says, also in a low voice that could not be heard above the steam engine aka kettle.  I love it.  She will soon cheer up when she watches Corrie and Celebrity masterchef.   We are looking forward to some more news ref Teenah's murder and instead have been wandering around with good Lianne and her messy divorce with nice funny in the head thanks to his bruv david, Nick.  And Michael fresh out of prison newest interest in poor Gail's life. We love it.
Real final can today go away para.   Hot off the press, is thankfully Novak was listening up and won his match nicely.  Will Daddy Federer do the same? We love it.  I thought I heard a chinking in the biscuit saucer and must go and check on Bertie bubbles.  And I do feel a mite peckish come to think of it.  Now do go steady out there in the wold wherever you are in it.  big Love Wonka.