Wednesday, 9 July 2014

What's going on Wednesdee

Wonka here.  Everyone in the whole Wold will be thinking, what was was the sound of good Brasil being whitewashed as we like to call it here in this country.  Owner was busy as usual feeding ruggles who does like to call either at Match point (tennis) or at the beginning of a Wold championship (snooker) or, at the start of the first semi final.  I WILL HEAR IF THERE IS A GOAL says Owner from deep in the kitchen.  I just about heard from the safety of the giant nest aka settee.  the next thing, there is one shouting after another in the space of fifteen good mins because Swarming Germany (new name) blasted in one goal after another defying the commentators to keep up.  MAYHEM.  And all know the result.  We think Swarming Germany were playing a ghost team.  Will Brasil recover from it?  Owner says there is only one thing to do when you are knocked down and that is to get back up AS SOON AS.  We love them, and we love Germany too for playing like an swarm of Bees (their kit says Owner reminded her of).  end of.  Not quite.

Fresh what's happening para.  there is more of this tonight if we can stand it, and of course Owner is backing good HOLLAND and those Robbens.  Iff we dare to make a tiny prediction??!! Like mystic Morgan did !! (Owner likes Piers and follows...) we will say 5 goals to 2 (HOL).  There we have stuck our neck out!  Otherwise what is happening and going on??  Owner's hair is going on for a start off.   I LOVE IT she goes when she fell back in laden with even more supplies.  It is only a weekend I says but she didn't hear me above checking her bestest hairdo in all the mirrors available.  yes, there are many.  As we know good folks out there possibly undergoing good hairdos yourselves, if your hair goes right you can say cherio to feeling blue!!  I love it.

Another what is to do para.  We have to celebrate the good semi finals and this will be for good HOL v Arg.  We love it:  so here we go with a cartoon from Owner....
There we are all ready to enjoy and relax possibly while our fave team knocks those goals in!!!  One of the German Swarmy team is now the top goal scorer evah and we think he is called Klose (soz if wrong!!)....Owner will cheer for those Holland boys and so will I.  We love them!!
Final what the heck is going on para.  Owner has that many lists and things whirring round her brain she says she needs a breakaway to get over the breakaway.  RIGHT I said.  Now me and Bertie thanks for asking will be alright and probably will both be zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz apart from eating here and there oh and popping in that luxury tray.  Owner has packed her bag and I have sniffed it round and given it my seal of approval.  with any luck Bertie will behave and make my job easier.  Good Ruggles will be spoilt by our Auntie and get lots of my good as it gets.  tonight in the run up to the last semi final which all will be watching after the other one (there I said it.  We love you Brasil, and Neymar and even your good coach who is taking the blame. x) we will make time for good Corrie.  Maria who went funny is now on an even keel and letting her ex who ended up with a boyfriend be a friend again.  it could all go wrong and back to square one.  Thankfully, Maddeh seems to have done a bunk or gone on a long holiday off a short pier which leaves us with Diedre and her funny cooking and Team Tracy and murdering Rob.  We love them.  Now do go steady out there in the Wold wherever you are in it.  Big Love Wonka x