Tuesday, 30 September 2014

All to play for Tuesdee

Wonka here.  Once more Owner is in a flurry of activity.  She is here she is there, she is repotting this she is cleaning down that.  I ask you, we even had the monster out yesterdee and it is now poised in the front bedroom yes, gathering dust.  Why you all ask, out there having peaceful lives, is she doing all this work?  The main reason is thus:  (like it, very proud)  keeping Owner busy staves off that black dog setting, you know the one where she starts on about, what is the point and so on.  The point is, we need to be fed and watered and living the dream Owner!!  I love it.

Fresh and playful para.  Today is the day the teddy bears oh no that is a different thing altogether!  NO today is the day Owner's best mate is here, camping out in a wet and soggy field nearby.  Actually folks she is safe and dry in a beaut caravan.  Owner is to meet up with her after WORK!  yes I said Work!!  Owner managed to do something right and is off to the same school this aft.  just keep smiling I said and take the money at the end of the week!!  Oh and wear what you had on yesterdee.  None of this fancy dress competition.  But she didn't hear me above dashing out to the shops for more supplies.  Plus I shouted after her, it will all be so good for your figure!!  Well perhaps not the meal out at the local Italian tonight eh!! She loves it.

More to play for para.  now some of you out there all enjoying the scenery and thinking ooh I wish I was there are demanding more photees.  I never was one to disappoint so Worcester in all its glory:
Here it is!  The cathedral in some of its glory.  it is every bit as good as the Notre Dame says Owner and that is saying a lot as she loved it in pesky Paris.  Next up:
More of that river and my faves, the swans in the distance.  if you love swans like I do then this the river to visit and walk alongside.  How peaceful and relaxing it was droned Owner I mean said Owner!!  Finally we have another shot of the cathedral:
This is just next to the archway to go inside.  It was magnificent according to Owner who has been to a few of these good cathedrals in her time, and the bells ringing and the choir singing oh and get this.  Owner lit a candle and said a prayer but cannot say who for as this is the secret of all prayers.  They will not work if you say it out loud.  OH I said all interested.  Then reports Owner, she goes into this side chapel with her cousin and this has wooden screens and writings that all make sense.  Like, she goes, the wide gate and the easy road is tempting BUT the narrow gate and the hard road is the one to tread.  Well I chirped up (like it) you've certainly gone in that direction so far!  if there is a hard and complicated, and difficult way to do it, then I'm proud to say Owner has done it.  I love it.
Final play misty for me para.  It is now proper Autumn and we like it.  Ruggles was all tucked up in the shed last night, on his heated pad.  He even has a little blue catnip mousey in there.  has he played with it though I asked Owner on one of her many trips back and forth.  NOT TO MY KNOWLEDGE she says.  You know I am a slave to mine.  Now last night we coped with Corrie X 2 and kylie is on Max's drugs and David has found out.  He has turned into a fair minded adult and we don't know how.  All the evilness went to his bruv Nick.  In Enders Shazzer seemed to get married to Fil despite all of the square uniting to prevent especially off his head Ian.  Shirlee was lurking and may have been poised to wreak revenge (OOOH) we are not sure.  Tonight I can relax and put my feet up as Owner will be out on the town and I love it.  Now do go steady out there in the Wold good folks wherever you are in it.  big Love Wonka x