Friday, 12 September 2014

Back to blonde Fridee

Wonka here.  Owner is up to the bit in her book where she does not want to put it down.  THIS IS THE SIGN OF A GOOD BOOK Wonka.  I was busy having a few zzzzzzzzzzand keeping an eye out for Bertie Bub who for reasons best known to his miniscule brain (sorry Bertie!) did not come upstairs all night.  Owner says it is because I had a teensy weensy scrap with him last night.  We all know that I am not a frightening kind of a cat I am just keeping Bertie in check.  In fact I have been kindly towards him all day and only poking my head round the Narnia cupboard door once or twice.  I love it.

Here we are!  Back to blonde indeed for Owner who loves the new hairdresser Graham to bits.  there  he is sorting out the BAD HAIRDO and transforming into a super doopah cut and colour.  I came out of hiding specially to say hello and a big THANKYOU for making Owner happy.  Now she can face anything (she says).  She loves it.
Back to gorgeous blonde para.  as soon as this had happened Owner sprang into action taking phone calls here and making phone calls there.  (list) 1.  the Wheelchair is now a PRIORITY and aged parent can look forward to being in it soon.  All the anxiety ridden questions were answered and I came out from behind the door to congratulate Owner on a successful call.  2.  a potentially (ooer) fraught phone call was made in near to calmness and cool.  it was about money which is always a hide under the bed or even get deep in the wardrobe matter.  But no!  even whilst leafing through a big batch of paper and going in the sideboard (danger zone.  klaxon sounding.  all the nasty bits of paper are in there) Owner looked and sounded reasonable.  I put it all down to the new hairdo.  I love it.
Final blondie para.  Owner finally pushed off out in search of 'BITS' for her birfdee.  this turned out to be a rather nice looking very choclitty cake and loads of nice foody things.  From that shop where it isn't just food it is da de dah food.  Any more non essential purchases you all wonder up.  NO!!  just a cardigan for aged parent.  Owner says she tried to buy some night wear but and I quote. I WOULDN'T GET BURIED IN IT she goes.  Surely I ventured (haven't said that lately) there was something.  Horrid colours, shapes and material she goes back.  It strikes me I says to all of this, that there may be a gap in the market but she didn't hear me above closing the dining room door to let Ruggles in.  Tinkers was in the delux shed this morning snuggled on his heated pad in HIS NEST.  We mustn't worry and fret about it says Owner, because the new pad arrived in the post.  That and a little present for Owner.  OOOH.  Exciting!  We love it.
Real final blondie para.  To round off all these positives, Owner has announced a breakthrough.  Tinkers managed to jump through the cat flap.  and get back out of it.  What, I says, about Ruggles.  WE'LL SEE, she says back.  Not that I know anything much but I thought the new delux shed was all about Ruggles......I LOVE THEM EQUALLY says Owner.  And we do.  sort of.  Now last night there was nothing but nothing on.  We ended up with the Invictus Games and were glad.  Our Prince Harry had nicked the idea from the U S of A and what a good idea it is too.  getting all our injured servicemen and women from around the Wold to compete in a big sports event.   We love him.   tonight we are hoping for Corrie x 2 and more on the bad Jason and good Tyrone story.  Will Steve's Mum Liz see through her new boyfriend though.  He is Jason's Dad and his name if we could remember it spells trouble.  yes.   Now the weekend is here and what a week.  Ups downs and hows your father.  We haven't mentioned the Scottish referendum and we are not going to.  Do go steady out there in the Wold good folks wherever you are in it.  Big Love Wonka x