Saturday, 6 September 2014

Bookish Satdee

Wonka here.  It has been drizzle mizzle and grey skies all day folks out there possibly enjoying a drop of sunnyshine.  Did it dampen our spirits!!  NO.  anycase, there is too much to look forward to.  Tomorrow Owner is to visit good daughter who is having a birfdee.  Presents? TICK, Cards TICK? my old scratching post that I have never ever scratched on as a little gift for Peggy Soo TICK.  Owner has even gone and bought the newest cat in the family three, yes three catnip mice.  I have been told about them but have not seen them. Owner reports they are tiny and fluffy.  Cake? TICK daughter has got this.  So she will set off tomorrow in the car with no name and me and Bertie can do what we like.  I love it.

Fresh book ridden para.  due to this outing I have suggested to Owner that her beloved bookslot should be today.  And here is her latest recommendation.  As you may have guessed it is this one

**************************OWNER'S BOOK CHOICE *******************************
There it is!!!   you may have guessed it aready, it is The Goldfinch by Donna Tartt and the goldfinch in question is a famous painting.  Strangely, Owner had a postcard of this which she found when rummaging through aged parent's art collection.  Owner is now in love with the story which centres on Theo and his loss - his new life and who is in it.  I AM STILL READING IT goes Owner and I can vouch for this, as when we settle in for the night and as long as Owner doesn't go on  giant worrywart fit, I can get some well earned zzzzzzzzzz whilst Owner reads.  I cannot, she says, put it down.  She loves it.
Books and more books para.  so Owner is reading that one, the Jung one, and waiting in the wings is good Philippe Petit and his Creativity. There is not a moment to spare in our little lives!!  What shall we do I said, when we get to November and there is a new Stephen King and a new Marian Keyes??  I SHALL SAVE THEM for Christmas goes Owner.  There we have said it.  Are we doing a new story for Christmas I wondered up.  I HOPE SO, says Owner, seeing as how the last one was so popular.  Happy days.
Fresh and final in our book para.  Last night we spoilt ourselves with more Corrie.  Team Rob is hard at work convincing carling black eyebrows not to tell all about Peetah's bedside confession.  will she manage to act alone??  it is hard to swallow, says Owner, that this hard bitten business woman cannot make a move without wicked bruv Rob's influence.  and what of Tyrone and his fall through the loft?  They are on the case and no longer trust Jason who has been friendly for years on end.  Up to now that is.  Did we mention the Egyptian lost Queens we learnt about in the week?  It has restored Owner's faith in the power of women. Nefertiti was one such, and we may do a little piece on her.  Don't forget how important us felines were for those pesky Egyptians!!  Tonight we are spoilt with the Hex Factor and more auditions from all and sundry.  And some of them really are sundry!!  As a treat Owner includes her little cartoon of the good judges.
There they are!  from the left is Louis then scary spice girl Mel (??) then freshly married Cheryl then Simon ghoul I mean Cowell!!  Goodness me it is now on Satdee and Sundee.  and then Strictly is back tomorrow too!!  Massive Klaxon sounding.  On a final note.  you will all want to know this one thing.  NO NOT THE INVISIBLE NEW NEIGHBOURS (what if says Owner it is singular and not plural.  What like you I says up?  Well me, you and Bertie Bubb she says back.) there is no news on that as yet.  The burning question is:  has Ruggles been through the cat flap on his own yet?  NO reports Owner.  She has dithered and dallied and finally (at my suggestion) left the shed door slightly open.  doesn't this defeat the object I whispered from well under the bed? but luckily she didn't hear me above running a nice soothing bubble bath.  We love it.  Now do go steady out there in the Wold good folks wherever you are in it.  Big Love Wonka x