Sunday, 21 September 2014

Ceramic Sundee

Wonka here.  one minute there are lots of new folk joining us from one bit of the Wold (my geography is shocking.  sorry bits of the Wold) and the next they have all vanished.  WHERE, goes Owner, taking a small interest in this, ARE THEY NOW?  maybe I suggested, this good blog is not fascinating enough for them.  Wait a minute!!  This is my blog and I can blog if I want to, about anything.  THAT IS right goes Owner, that is the attitude and you need to GO ALL OUT.  I love it.

and to be different and attract all those missing folk back, here is an early cartoon which has nothing to do with ceramics and a lot to do with what aged parent has to say about Owner's hair. (Yesterdee)
There we are!!  Owner is sitting next to the bed where aged parent is residing in her new abode.  The  telly is on and as usual it is showing a good film that is never on when we want a good film. It had Maggie Smith and Judy Dench and this bloke who they were nursing in a bed.  he was Polish.
All was going fairly well even the bit where aged parent remembered Owner's birfdee, and then she ruined it by saying have you had your haircut and Owner goes YES expecting something nice to follow.  NOT!!  I love it and her hair is not sticking up too much today..

Fresh ceramics para.  hang on you all shout up, what is this new arty ceramic thingy?  Owner took it upon herself and despite her languid (new and brilliant word.) state, to travel over and see Daughter.  to this end (what another fab expression) we were up at the crack of dawn, well 7 am.  And guess who was tucked up nicely in the luxury shed??  YES for once you got it right, it was teddy bear ruggles.  Now last night he gave Owner a little scratch on the back of her leg, for nothing.  RUGGLES! says Owner in surprise (and we think that now tops the list for most surprising thing of the day, yesterdee).  We are blaming it on his ears which do trouble him although Owner says she was nowhere near them.  I did say you cannot expect a rough and ready cat to turn into the likes of me Owner, but she didn't hear me whispering through the dining room door.  We love him, still.

More on the ceramics sorry Para.  yes so when Owner finally flings off out, I settled nicely and Bertie bubb hung upside down or whatever he does in the Narnia cupboard.  it seemed like 2 seconds later that she was back with 5 or 6 bags more than when she started.  IT IS JUST FOOD AND PRESENTS says Owner before I can have a proper check.  And it was just food because moments later me and Bertie were eating it.  The gifts were a beaut jacket and another pair of pink sandals as Owner hasn't got enough.  But here is the best bit, as Owner reports that daughter has created all these new ceramics, miniature amulets and tiles to go on show!   Owner is extremely proud and says once she gets some nice photees we will show them on here!  and I am pleased to say there will be some birds to look at as I do favour a bird.  I love them.

Final ceramics are good para.  Last night we loved the singing, and some of the singers could sing.  Ben is one such, and Chloe is another.  and a lass called Kerryanne.  the one we don't like and neither did Cheryl is Rain.  GO AWAY shouts Owner at the telly.  She really should not have gone out yesterdee folks and I do apologise if you ran into her.  today is a mite calmer and we shall settle down for more arena auditions and good Downton Abbey is back!  This is our fave upstairs downstairs drama and all we are missing is the servants!!  only joking Owner!  Now the new week is upon us and Owner will keep going on about not having a job zzzzzzz, going away for the weekend zzzz and the car with no name is going for a PRE MOT.  an offering to the wishing well I think folks.  Now do go steady out there in the Wold folks wherever you are in it and just to let you know it is international peace day!  So BIG LOVE and PEACE Wonka x