Thursday, 11 September 2014

Consultation Thursdee

Wonka here.  Straight away I have to tell you it was not me it was Bertie.  In the night.  making all that noise which then woke Owner.  WONKA!! she shouts up.  How was I to know that it was Bertie popping downstairs in the deep of the night and not a tribe of Vikings??? or aliens specially since I watched Prometheus, that is my latest Monster.  it is top Monster.  Owner has admitted feeling the same and says we must not watch any horror films with mummy like creatures in them.  I mean we don't watch horror films, just those thrillers with lots of shocks and violence in them.  So when Bertie trolled by my amazon box where I was having a good zzzzzzzzzz no wonder it gave me a start!!  So we were all up and for once Owner took her own advice.  She put the light on and read a bit more of The Goldfinch.  She loves it.

There we are!  Owner has done a cartoon for us like a dolls house she had when little.  MY DAD MADE IT, she goes.  I am in the dining room guarding my amazon box and Bertie has made it to the top of the stairs.  Owner is now wide awake and telling me off (even though it was not my fault).  the living room is nice and quiet with no one at all in there doing anything and out back Ruggles is guarding the shed with or without a Tinkers in it.  It is called A TYPICAL SPAT IN THE NIGHT.  We do love it.

Fresh consultations para.  Without any more ado I must now talk about the highlight (Owner says this might be a pun I said OH) of today which is Owner's meet up with new hairdresser Graham!!!  for the consultation about her chopped to infinity (sorry Owner and sorry previous hairdresser) and lifeless over coloured thatch!!!  Can Graham deal with it??  Just before he arrived me and Owner were glued to the telly which I know is not unusual but this time it was for the news.  No not that news!  we are fed up with the sconny botland voting thing, this was news on a bigger scale (said Owner).   From over the other side of the Wold in fact.  Owner likes a good trial and this one has caught all our short attention spans and all have had their tuppence worth (to quote Owner on it).  The Judge in Owner's opinion, has summed up so well that even she could get a grip of it.  Blimey! I says to this.  and blow me down adjourned it until tomorrow.  right on cue did Graham turn up.  We love it.

Real consultation para.  It is official.  We love the new hairdresser and I even came out from under the table to say hallo.  Briefly.  Owner is to be transformed tomorrow so that will be two verdicts then!  I LOOK FORWARD says Owner, TO LOOKING NICE AGAIN.  We all know this is a cue for me to shout how lovely you do look all the time but I forgot as I was busy chasing a sunbeam.  Think of me tomorrow good folks out there all enjoying beaut hairdos, as I await the TRANSFORMATION.  And Owner has just said to me that the word consultation reminds her of the Dentist.  Which one I goes, the one you used to like or the one you haven't got yet??  I love it.
Fresh we love consultations para.  and another good thing is that Owner managed to pick up the phone and ring the good agency to remind them she is still here.  and wanting some work.  WELL DONE I goes.  As a reward for this, we are now glued to a film.  It is American Hustle and won lots of Oscars which means nothing declared Owner.  it says on it: 'BRILLIANT' and 'A THRILLING STAR-STUDDED FILM'.  I know.  Sometime says Owner you have to just take some time out and relax from the rat race.  I did say but you're not in the rat race Owner but she didn't hear me above pausing the film to get some snacks.  We love it.
Final consult away para.  we should have watched Zulu again for the nth time as that really is Brilliant.  Stanley thing and Michael Caine not to mention a full Welsh choir and millions of good Zulus on the mountain tops. (and not a Scottish person in sight!)  it beats any of those westerns into the ground says Owner.  What I goes, even ones with good Clint Eastwood in them?  I am a big fan of his.  I did say we should have watched Frozen but Owner insisted on trying the other one.  HANG ON! goes Owner checking the films on telly - there is Flight of the Phoenix on Film 4.  Another fave of Owner's where all land in the desert and have to survive.  I think Owner is fixated (good word) on survival type films and said as much but she said I was put out by not seeing Frozen.  OH I went back.  Tonight as per there is nothing on so we may well watch that film.  if not there is Enders and the increasingly silly storylines.  Whit is now staying in the square with her latest chap sorry but forgot his name, Carol's headscarf needs to make a comeback as her haircut is a disaster city (and we would know!) and Shirlee and Fil have been cuddling up.  I know.  Soon be tomorrow I said to Owner to cheer her on!  Good Ruggles is due round for some teatime and this morning he cleared up those special nice little biscuits that Owner gets for him.  He is a spoilt teddy bear Ruggles but I am letting him off, (but not Bertie).  now do go steady out there in the Wold good folks wherever you are in it.  big Love Wonka x