Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Creativity Wednesdee

Wonka here.  Slept fair to wotsit only waking up because I heard a noise out back and jumped up to the bedroom window to see which cat it was.  How was I to know this sudden jolting action would disturb all??  I mean, what's a cat to do??  And then, I ran downstairs for a better look.  So Owner embarks (like this word) on the usual wide awake trail of anxieties.  I AM SPOILT FOR CHOICE she moans up.  We eventually all fell back into the sleep hole to begin the day with the ALARM!  Why Owner has to put this on and then snooze for the next half hour is beyond me.  I love it.

New creativity para.  What now you all gasp up, are you up to?  Owner's very expensive but essential book arrived at the good bookshop for collection.  It is called Creativity (aha!) and has a good picture on the front of Philippe Petit balancing on that wire.  Owner cannot wait to start it.  of course she is still reading about Theo in The Goldfinch.  She nows says and I quote:  I LIKE IT.  IT IS OLD FASHIONED BUT MODERN. (??) and alongside this book she is still dipping into the Jung biography.  THAT BOOK, she goes to me, IS FEEDING MY SOUL.  Well I didn't think it was feeding a goldfish I goes back but she didn't hear me above stroking her new book cover which is blueish stroke silverish.  She loves it.

More creativity para.  Anyone would think all we do all day is read and write and sketch and that.  Actually that does sum up Owner's life at the minute!!  That perfect job is still hovering at the edge of our little existence waiting to burst through.  In the meantime, Owner found an old postcard that she had made from a sketch back in 2009.  WHAT I says, IS THE SIGNIFICANCE?  You can pop it on here for today's photoshoot she goes, and I will tell you:
There it is!  Owner says it was from a dream she had, where she was on a bike and there were two wolves either side of her.  She calls it Wolves at the Door!!  They are never far away, but these two were friendly.   I love it.
Creativity for the moment para.  Today Owner managed to buy a small essential food shop with not an extravagance in sight.  I know.  She is busy preparing for the shed job malarkey tomorrow and on anxiety setting in advance.  What if....she starts up, but I said let's just wait til the super handyman turns up and take it from there.  So aside from washing all Rugglesis rugs and blankets and throwing away tatty bits of newspaper and such forth she is taking my sage advice.  A visit to aged parent also went well, with Owner saying things like.  SHE SEEMS MORE SETTLED, and how nice the Staff are.  I did ask Owner if she had caught the sun whilst out but she didn't hear me above running a nice relaxing bubble bath.  She loves it.
Final creativity para.  Last night we stayed up and Owner watched In the Club or something very like it.  It was one of those where you say I will just have my tea and then turn in and end up sitting there for an hour.  Prior to this (I say!) we watched Young Vets and then Holby which was very slightly annoying due to the Doctor who is having a baby and an improbable (Owner says) relationship with another Doctor.  NO ONE says Owner, carries on like that.  Tonight we are back to normal with good Corrie X 1 and Peetah is snatched back from the jaws of death thanks to conniving Jim and then we may watch the bad bake off.  Can it redeem itself after the half baked Alaska incident.  Talk about give an ice cream dessert a bad name!  Now it is exhausting being creative all the time as you know, and I must check on Bertie Bubbles and the biscuit levels, and then see if Good Ruggles is on the step.  Little does he know, his luxury shed is about to become even more luxury!  Do go steady out there in the Wold good folks wherever you are in it.  Big Love Wonka x