Thursday, 4 September 2014

Facelift Thursdee!!

Wonka here.  What a day!  Owner's nerves were shot to pieces (she says) with the anticipation (OOOH) of waiting for super shed handyman!!!  That shed has received the facelift of its dreams good folks out there all worrying up like Owner.  NOT WITH SUPER HANDYMAN goes Owner.  she reports feeling a tiny bit hysterical and blow me down I felt a bit wobbly too.  Bertie bubbs and me were sent upstairs out of the way.  Isn't the shed out back you all query and question?  yes siree!  But for Owner's nerves to settle we needed to be UPSTAIRS out of harms way.  Of course I got myself back down those stairs to spy out the land. WONKA! goes Owner! We love it.

Fresh facelift para.  Tell all you insist.  Handyman is here! shouts Owner at 9 on the dot.  And how did she get me and Bertie up those stairs?  I HAD A BRAINWAVE Owner confided  and says she realised all she had to do to make us shift was get the Monster out of the Narnia cupboard. I pelted up those stairs and after a little prompting (by actually plugging the Monster in!) Bertie did too.  Like I say, I did creep down to check it all out.  MY TUMMY IS IN A KNOT goes Owner.  Me?  thanks for asking, well it's hard to sleep when there is a power drill drilling and a saw sawing.  and blow me down if the house next door (still empty.  prayers gone up) didn't have someone in there hard at it too!!  We love it really.

More facelifts para.  Alongside this does Owner need to call round to the new home of aged parent.  work?  jobs?  not a whisper.  Of course I am keeping Owner's spirits up with a game of where is that mousey here, and a chase that tinkly ball there.  Not to mention chasing Bertie bubb!  Only joking!  for today's good cartoon you must have the beloved and now even more luxury shed:
There it is!  pre face lift! Owner is supervising as per by bringing our super handyman lots of coffee and positive feedback.  Now?  it is a fully insulated, cat flapped luxury shed.  All the bedding is clean and spruce and the carpet is back down.  there is even...wait for it.....a beauty blue blanket to shield the poor door against further draughts. (drafts??? sorry good grammar folk and champion spellers.  Owner reckons right the first time.  but what does she know....SORRY OWNER!)  I might move in there myself goes Owner who went a tad hysterical during the doings of it.  This was in case rug turned up mid facelift, but he didn't. Of course it is thingy's law that we are now all waiting for Ruggles to turn up and try it all out!!! We love him our teddy bear Rug.
Final facelifting day para.  Owner rushed back from her only outing of the day and reports that aged parent is doing well and sleeping a lot.  I'm glad someone is I ventured, although we did get a whisker of sleep last night.  Tonight Owner says she is so exhausted with all this keeping an eye on the yard and shed, she says she could sleep for ingerland.  BUT, last night we missed good Corrie so we must catch up.  WHY? you all ask did you miss it?  Because we had to watch Young Vets that is why.  We love Judy young vet and Elly young vet.  there was a cat in it called prof who needed to go too the loo badly but couldn't.  I said Bertie Bubbles could tell him a thing or two but Owner didn't hear me above sorting out the luxury tray. We also caught a glimpse of how the other half lives in this Beaut Indian Taj Hotel.  it was chock full of posher than posh people.  I WOULD LOVE TO GO THERE says Owner.  A wish for the wishing well we think.  Tonight it is the last Young Vets and not much else.  And last but not least OH YES, we saw a little clip of Strictly dancers on the red carpet!!!  When Downton Abbey kicks in says Owner, that is when we know it is really and truly autumn.  We love it.  Now we are still waiting for Rug to trot by and will keep you posted on how he goes on with the cat flap.  When Owner told aged parent about it, she laughed out loud.  this is a rare sighting which is why it is mentioned.   Now do go steady out there in the Wold good folks wherever you are in it.  Big Love Wonka x