Friday, 19 September 2014

Friendly Fridee

Wonka here.  At last we have all woken up ALRIGHT and when we popped the radio on to listen to Christophe Evans GOOD NEWS....bonny Scotland is still a part of the United Kingdom!  I mean I am happy about this as who knows I may have Scottish ancestry and as for Bertie, he might too what with his instinct for survival in joining this household.  And Owner as we know, used to be latched onto a Scot, a Glaswegian, so she has fond links well fondish then... in short, the referendum has shown us that people still want to have their say!  And we love it.
There we are listening up me and Owner, and there to the right is our best purple kettle and next to it our good radio cassette player.  To the left is the tea caddy and in front the tray with a nice cuppa for Owner. SCOTLAND HAS VOTED TO STAY!  We loved it.
Friendly para.  It has been a smiling friendly day all round with Owner firmly back onto Happy setting.  I am going out to spend my vouchers she announced to me first thing.  No one dear folks is happier than me when the word voucher is mentioned, as it means NO MONEY is being spent and now we don't have any money to speak of because no one wants Owner to work at anything then VOUCHERS are us.  I might get some socks she said.  RIGHTO I goes back trying to get some much needed shut eye.  While Owner is in dreamy land having all these strange dreams, I am busy checking out back, checking on Growler I mean Bertie and generally guarding the household against pesky invaders.  Finally she flung off out with the vouchers.  I did say to her they are no good propped against Percy donkey stroke pony ornament on the table are they??  Thankyou Wonka!  Without me to organise and such like who knows....I love it.
More friendly things para.  So I was in the queue Wonka...zzzzzzzzzzz OH YES, and this woman turns to me and says do you have one of these and I says no what is it, and it is a 20% off voucher!!  That meant I got it all for the gift vouchers!!  That Guardian Angel is really working overtime for us and between that and the wishing well, we might just make it.  meanwhile, Ruggles and Tinkers were on the doorstep saying they were starving.  Me?  thanks for asking and it was Ok as Owner fed me first then Bertie then those two out back.  I love it.
Final friendly para. last night we bumbled along watching a bit of what lies beneath Stonehenge.  for some reason what should have been a riveting programme passed us by with Owner going what another skull, and why are we looking at maps and primitive people in the bushes.  then it was supper time and an early night.  For Owner and Bertie bubb not me though.  Tonight Owner is off to her creative group thing and will be reading something to the audience.  HECK I goes.  I KNOW she goes back.  We have got by the what shall I wear and does my hair look alright shall I wash it (again) ceremony and are on with IS THAT THE TIME.  I can relax either on my giant nest aka the new bed settee or my best box in the whole world.  We can catch up with Corrie on your return I says to her as she is whizzing round doing stuff.  We have fallen out with Enders so do not need to miss it catch up with it or watch it.  Now we are up to the Weekend good folks out there all ready for a break so an extra do go steady out there in the Wold good folks wherever you are in it to you!  Big Love Wonka x